Win Cosplay and Colour Contact Lenses from Eyesbright

cosplay contact lenses

Win cosplay big eye circle lenses or colour contact lenses from Eyesbright. You just have to choose which pair you want!

Open to UK residents only. Closes 25 june 2013.

We’re huge fans of coloured contact lenses here at Mookychick, and hope you are too. They can completely redefine a look (such as the ‘big eye’ circle lens beloved of cosplay fans, or UV or Zombie contact lenses). They can also create a subtle, natural effect (ever wanted to make your blue eyes brown for a day, or turn your grey eyes emerald green?).


We have 3 pairs of coloured contacts to give away to lucky readers, and you get to choose the ones you want…

circle lens - Eyesbright

coloured contact lens - Eyesbright

Costume contact lens supplier have united with Mookychick to give you the chance to explore their world. They have a vast selection of lenses to squee over – Gothic, Circle Lens, Clubbing, Sci-Fi, standard colours and a whole lot more.

You can wear these lenses for up to 90 days safely, though do remember they’re not designed for overnight wear, so remove them before you doze off. They’re zero-rated, so they won’t affect your vision like prescription lenses or glasses do.


Step 1: Choose the contact lenses you like best.

Click on the two links below and decide which colour contact lenses you want to win. Simply find the pair you like best and make a note of the name, eg. ‘Vivid blue contact lenses’ or ‘Big Eyes Dolly Black contact lenses’.

One of these natural coloured contact lenses?

Or one of these ‘Big Eye’ cosplay contact lenses?

Step 2: Email us with your choice of prize…

  • Simply email [email protected] with THE NAME OF THE CONTACT LENSES YOU WANT TO WIN, your NAME and YOUR ADDRESS.
  • Please put EYESBRIGHT in the email subject title.

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