Witch Wardrobe: My Favourite Healing Crystal Jewellery

Witch Wardrobe: My Favourite Healing Crystal Jewellery

Being a witch is more about how you feel and what your beliefs are, rather than where you live and what you wear. But a witch’s niche can still influence their appearance. I am a lover of the crystals – and oh, the crystals! They soothe my soul when it is at its most troubled. If you see me, I will always be wearing crystal jewellery. I feel like these crystals have become a part of my body.

I have at least 100 different types of crystals, and I still look for more of these magical creations whenever I can. I live for them. They are godsent gifts. The vibe from these crystals is just out of this world.

My Crystal Jewellery

With time, my jewellery has also evolved. I wanted to share the top 6 jewellery pieces in my wardrobe that have made it through all the phases and still remained my favourites. It is needless to say that all of these have beautiful crystals studded on them.

Okay, without further ado, let’s dive into my jewellery box and pick the items I am completely in love with. By the way, I tried some photography with my friend’s camera. Please, no judging. Amateur photographer here…

1. Healing Talisman- Moonstone Pendant

moonstone pendant

My favourite – Moonstone! I have been in love with this crystal since forever. It always reminds me of the moon and the endless mesmerizing nights I have spent looking at it. I wear my lovely silver moonstone pendant whenever I feel like I need some of the moon’s wisdom and creativity. It is best suited for doing creative work, which is why I am wearing it right now while writing this blog. It is my priority pendant, which is why I started with it.

2. Raw Mahogany Charm- Stingray Coral

stingray coral pendant

This is another pendant I keep very high on my priority list. The special thing about this item is that the crystal is in its raw, unfinished form. This makes the pendant very close to my heart because I like nature as it comes, untouched and pure. This crystal’s positive energy is for days when you are feeling blue. For anyone looking to increase the feeling of love in their heart, this is perfect. I wear it on days I feel distraught.

3. Earth And Fire- Pietersite Ring

pietersite ring

This Pietersite ring looks like fire escaping from the crevices of earth and I can’t get enough of this scene. I have at least six pieces with Pietersite crystal on them. I wear this ring when the weather gets bad because it is said to protect against lightning and thunderstorms. Pietersite is also recommended as a focus tool and crystal support jewellery for people trying to overcome an addiction.

4. Unique And Special – Stalactite Pendant

stalactite ring

Well, Stalactite is a crystal that is completely different. It naturally comes in this artistic form, swathed in ombre colours like light purple and yellow. Just look at it. It’s exquisite. The stalactite is a crystal formation for those who have a difficulty with judging people, or for those who trust too quickly. This may be read as a brag but I’ve never felt a need to wear it… but I still do because it is so, so beautiful.

5. Nature’s Expression- Seraphinite Ring

seraphinite ring

This Seraphinite ring is my nature ring. The amazing crystal is like looking right into a forest full of trees, plants, and waterfalls (well, at least this one is, because every piece has a different pattern). It reminds me of nature when I am busy in my city life of hustle and bustle. It has even reminded me many times to take a break and soak in some nature. It is a catalyst crystal that can enhance the effects of any other crystal near it. It’s excellent for pairing with other healing crystals, like the ones mentioned above.

6. Peace And Serenity- K2 Jasper Pendant

K2 jasper pendant

This is one of my biggest pendants, with a unique crystal known as K2 Jasper. It has blue perfectly round dots that give this crystal a completely distinctive appearance. It is relatively new to my collection, but the combination of Azurite and Granite makes this a great meditation stone. Aside from wearing it during meditation, I keep one stored near my plants where I meditate. I truly adore this particular crystal for peace of mind.


This is it, the end of my list. I wish I could tell you guys some more about my crystals; maybe some other time. I know I tend to get into details too much; it is something I need to work upon. Get some crystals and get your magic on. See how they affect your life. You will definitely be surprised by how much difference these little pieces of mother earth can make.

To get similar items for your own crystal jewellery collection, please support your favourite witch/crystal store… or support Mookychick by browsing crystal jewellery on Amazon. We leave it to you to determine your own beliefs and aesthetics in terms of your shopping habits.