Cheap and cool glasses frames

Cheap and cool glasses frames

It’s sad but true – some of us have to hide our kohl-rimmed eyes behind glasses in order to watch indie films and perform other mookish deeds. Fear not! Not only do glasses make you look smarter, they also say something about your personality. This basic guide will aid you in choosing the right frames for your face, your style – and you.

Cool frames for your glasses: the basics

Girlies with square faces generally look better in glasses that are more circular. Girls with round faces generally look better than square glasses. Cardinal rule.

Have a friend come with you when you go to pick out your frames. Choose a friend who (1) will give you their honest opinion and (2) generally shares (or at least understands) your style.

Wire or plastic? Both kind look fine, but wire frames are better for athletes.

When you’re choosing your frames, be sure to try on lots of styles and colours. Just looking at frames on the wall sometimes isn’t enough – they may appear boring, but might look great on your face. If you can’t find any frames that you like, you can go somewhere else.

Remember: you don’t have to buy your frames at the same place you got your prescription.

Choosing glasses with coloured frames

Choose frames that complement your hair and eye colour.

Consider your wardrobe. If you’re a gothic girl with lots of red and black clothing, you might want to go with some nice black frames. If you live for bright colours, go for frames in neon green. If you’re a rockabilly chick, don’t hesitate about getting the leopard print frames.

How alternative do you want your glass frames to be?

Consider your job. If you work in almost any creative job, funky glasses might be okay. However, for those of us working the regular 9-5, a less flamboyant design might be better. If you can afford it (or if your insurance will cover it), get a second pair of frames: one for working and one for not.

Cool designs for glasses frames

Here are some styles that just scream “I’m more indie/goth/punk/emo/cool than you…”

  • Black frames. Rectangular or circular, these bold frames are the staple choice for any indie girl.
  • Bright coloured frames: These frames are both fun and artsy.
  • Wing tip glasses: See Penelope Garcia in Criminal Minds, an avid wearer of wing tip frames.
  • Wide bows: Wide, plastic bows are becoming popular on many styles of frames. The brave-and-artsy type might want to add their own design or glue on some tiny black gems.

Final considerations when choosing glasses

If your budget allows it, get lenses with the anti-scratch coating and anti-reflective treatment. As I write this article, I can see a nick in my left lens. It’s been there for months and it’s annoying. The anti-reflective treatment is great for those who spend a lot of time in front of computers or under fluorescent lights. Or both.

As for transitions, it’s up to you. Do you ever, ever, ever go outside? No? Okay then, you probably don’t need them. Otherwise, you should consider it. Transitions protect your eyes and will ultimately save you money since you won’t need to buy sunglasses with a prescription or those lame clip-on shades that never fit properly.

Now, wearers of cool glasses – go forth and conquer!