8 Cute Indie Garters Which Rock Our World

8 Cute Indie Garters Which Rock Our World

Garters are fun, fiddly and sometimes adorably on the quirky side. Make or buy these 8 gorgeous indie garters, from Barbie to Gyaru style. What joy!

1. Burlesque Garter Leggings

So sneaky. Not garters, but a clever garter print applied to burlesque leggings which would work well for steampunk or for industrial victorian wayward ensembles. Available from Carouselink on Etsy (£21).

2. Kawaii Garters

Long woollen socks make everyone happy – it’s a proven fact. These simple velvet bow garters from Caramel Syndrome cost $19 and they’re so summery and light and kawaii, with their transparent purple plastic with studs.

3. Metal Baby Garters

Ooh, these are so sturdy! They’re sort of ‘St. Trinians’ meets ‘If’ (that lovely and rather dangerous film from the sixties starring Malcom McDowell when he was ridiculously hot).

These elastic knee garters from Lovely Scum on Etsy (£26.53) make us want to vroom the exhaust on a vintage motorcycle and head on out down a country road to cause rebellion. Or, you know, help people. Yep, the second one.

4. DIY Garter Leggings

You can see what the vintage boutique Boat People have done here – they’ve basically cut some leggings off at the thigh then attached the pieces cleverly back together with suspender clips, the kind you can find at any haberdashery store. SO CLEVER. WE COULD ACTUALLY DO THIS. EVEN THOSE OF US WITH DINOSAUR ARMS.

See the DIY tutorial to make these garter leggings:

5. Spy Garter

Oh dear heavens. Remember our feature on what to wear for a murder? Add this to your outfit, because newbies often forget that villainous murdering sometimes involves a long wait under a lamppost out in the cold.

Also, you can store other spy kit in your pocket; it doesn’t have to be a hip flask. The important thing is to go with black brocade. Literally all spies wear black brocade (even Smiley and his People).

This spy garter is from Juliette Garter Flask on Etsy (£23.22).

6. Barbie Garter

Just… you know… reclaim it. This Barbie garter is made by Creepy Little Girl ($18).

7. Fragile Pony Garter

Hard? Soft? Hard. Soft? AARGH can’t decide. These garters are really quite daring and we like them, so there. They’re made by Fragile Pony ($30).

8. DIY Gyaru Style Garter

This AWESOME garter was made by Kasey Chuu and you can make one too. They’re simple but stunning, a bit like the monolith in ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ (and we’re still trying to figure out a way of wearing that). This striking garter has been inspired by Agejo gyaru fashion. It’s glamorous and cutesexy, and also a bit fierce because black stripes always are.