Earthy Halloween costume ideas for plant and nature lovers

nature halloween costumes

Nature breathes life into everything: the colour of a flower, the magnificence of a tree, the comfort of greenery. Some find it calming to be around plants and spend time in nature. Some enjoy gardening; some fill their environment with plants and herbs; and some seek the outdoors to be surrounded in nature and feel the earth around them.

For those who love nature and Halloween, there is a way to blend the two harmoniously. If you’re looking for a costume to tie into your love of all things nature and showcase your love of plants, there are some costume ideas that can highlight your love of all things flora:

Mother Nature

Dressing up as Mother Nature is great because there’s so much flexibility and room to be creative. Think about what Mother Nature means to you and how you visualize her looking in your mind. You can wear a green dress, wrap yourself in fake foliage, and have fun with earth tone makeup. However, Mother Nature doesn’t have to be all green; she can be pretty pastels with fake flowers, browns and greys with dirt and soil, or autumnal fall-coloured reds and oranges. Use your imagination or look at ideas for inspiration and create a DIY Mother Nature costume that fits your image of her. This is also a great idea to keep yourself warm if you’ll be outside for Halloween as you can incorporate leggings and long sleeves if you need them.

Poison Ivy

Ivy is such a beautiful plant. It cascades, climbs, and molds itself around its environment. Poison ivy is beautiful as well but also dangerous. One costume idea that celebrates the dichotomy of ivy is Poison Ivy from DC Comics.

poison ivy halloween costume

If you love plants, you might understand why Poison Ivy turned into an antiheroine instead of continuing her work as a botanist. Many of her criminal activities are aimed at protecting endangered species and the environment. Talk about a character who you can relate to! To create the Poison Ivy look, you’ll need a green dress or body suit, a red wig, and some ivy embellishments. You can also make this a couple costume by having your partner be Batman, Harley Quinn, or Robin.

Nature Deity

Another great earthy costume idea for nature lovers is the option of choosing a nature deity. People may not know who you are dressed as immediately, but that also offers the perk of being able to explain who you are.

nature goddess halloween costumes

The list of nature deities is long, and each type of mythology has its own list of options. Greek mythology has Chloris, goddess of flowers. Hinduism celebrates Aranyani, goddess of forests and animals. Pick the deity who speaks to you and create a costume around that idea.

Flower Child

The flower children of the ‘60s and ‘70s is a group of people who celebrated universal belonging, peace, and love. So, naturally, the flower was a pretty important symbol of their beliefs. They also used to hand out flowers to the public and adorn themselves in them. To dress as a flower child, you can create a DIY flower crown pretty easily with the flowers of your choosing. You can also wear circular sunglasses, a flower print dress, and some ‘60s-inspired jewelry along with flip-flops. There are also a ton of hippie-inspired costumes at virtually any Halloween store to help you complete your look.

A Happy Little Tree

For a great couple costume idea that also coincides quite well with your love of nature, you might consider becoming one of Bob Ross’s happy little trees. Your partner in crime can get some jeans, a button up, a wig, and an easel and easily look like one of the most soothing men on television by becoming Bob Ross. For you, you can turn yourself into any type of happy little tree Mr. Ross can create. You can choose a fall-themed tree, which will be quite easy with all of the fall-themed fake leaves available. You can also become a green tree or a pine tree depending on how you’re feeling. A brown, black, or green dress and some leaf accents will turn you into a beautiful tree — and one half of a great couple costume.

Your Favourite Plant

Celebrate your love of nature by choosing to dress as your favorite plant or flower. Succulents are amazingly beautiful little plants, and you can easily create your own indoor succulent garden for inspiration. If succulents are your favorite, you can create a succulent-themed plant crown, wear green, and use muted greens and purples in your makeup. You can also DIY a pot and find or create a flower face mask of your favorite rose, daisy, or lily.

Of course, you also don’t have to be so literal. If your favorite flower is the bird of paradise, wear bright oranges, blues, and yellows and a flower crown to create the feel of this flower. Whether you go with a literal approach or a stylized version, it’s a great way to celebrate your favorite plant through costume.Flowers, plants, soil, and greenery all represent so many senses of nature. They are beautiful to look at; some (even flowers) are great to eat; they smell divine; you can hear them rustling in the wind; and they feel raw and comforting. Even for those who don’t love the outdoors, or aren’t great at gardening, there’s no denying the appeal that a plant can have in any environment. If plants, the outdoors, and nature are your thing, there are so many ways to display that passion through a nature-themed costume for Halloween. Some are easier than others, and some require a little more imagination, but all of them offer a fun and creative way to showcase the beauty of nature.