EDM Festival Fashion Themes

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Let’s be honest, festival fashion is one of the many reasons we attend EDM music festivals. Searching through the crowds of attendees, you’ll see everything from function over form to wow that’s a lot of glitter. Much of the attraction for attending music festivals is due to the carefree nature of the crowd and environment. A sense of acceptance permeates through the air and people are free to express themselves. With so many fashion themes to choose from, comes almost too many options. So we’ve decided to compile all of your choices for your next EDM music festival. When you look your best, you feel your best so read on to discover your next look that is sure to turn heads.

Alien / Galaxy rave outfits

This theme has really taken off this year. Prints are starting to use galaxy and space colors and images because they pair so well with black. Between the picture of a cute alien and the sweet makeup/glitter that goes along with, this theme is out of this world!

Trippy and Tie Dye rave outfits

This theme is for all the hippies out there. Go wild with a rainbow of colors or triptastic Embrace the universe and get lost in your fashion.

Neon rave outfits

The neon theme has been around since EDM started back in the day. The bright and bold colors are sure to make a statement and help your friends find you if they get lost.

#scmf day 2: sunset theme! @borgore and @shaunfrank were ahmazing!! @discodonniepresents killed it again!!

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Kandi kid outfits

Kandi is such a huge part of the festival life. Trading kandis and spreading the message of peace, love, unity, and respect is one of our favorite things to do at a festival. So naturally this theme is huge and always a crowd pleaser.

Country outfits

Just because you’re attending an EDM festival doesn’t mean you can’t show your country side! Throw on your high waisted jean shorts and cowboy boots and you’ll be ready to stomp around the festival grounds all weekend.

Steampunk outfits

Maybe steampunk is more your style and you want to rock a corset and long black boots. Do your thang girl and add some fire steampunk goggles to complete the look.

Boho outfits

Boho looks are very in vogue right now especially with camping music festivals. Throw on a flowy dress ver your outfit with a statement piece and call it a day. Head scarfs and hats are great for keeping that day 3 hair still looking cute.

All black everything outfits

Who doesn’t love all black? It makes you feel fierce and at your best. Plus everyone has at least a handful of black crop tops in their wardrobe right now, making this a truly practical option.

Retro outfits

Hello, the 90’s are calling and they want you to rock this at your next show. Overalls are in, baby, so match it with a thin choker necklace and your Chucks for a look the Spice Girls would be proud of.

Halloween / pop culture outfits

These types of outfits are fun and a great conversation starter. The big thing right now is Game of Thrones lookalikes and Rick and Morty apparel. Attendees are making friends just by the costumes they are wearing.


For the brave and the bold. These one piece bodysuits are popping up all over Instagram, from straight black ones to ones with funny sayings. Think your old one piece bathing suit from when you were young but upgraded.

Animal inspiration outfits

You’ve seen the cat ears and the fuzzy animal hoods make an appearance. These fierce looks make you embrace the animal inside you and let it roar.

Fishnet and pastie rave outfits

For those looking to go with less, EDM festivals give you the freedom to wear pasties if you want. Fishnets add a new dimension under your shorts or body suit to give you some texture.

festival fashion themes

As you can see, you have unlimited choices when it comes to expressing yourself. In addition, you don’t have to stick to one theme. Combine any of these themes together for the ultimate festival look! Any of these outfits can be made at home to save on cost and to add your own flare. It’s also a great rule of thumb to check the weather a week before and days before. You don’t want to pack all booty shorts when it’s going to be 50 degrees out.

Also, sweet eyewear is crucial during the day and night time! No matter what theme you choose, it’s important not to get stressed about your outfit. It should be fun to create a unique look you feel confident in! Remember, you’ll be jumping around and walking all day long so you’ll want to be comfortable in order to rock what you’ve got.