A Study in Scarlet and White – Europa Fashion Corsets Review

Europa Fashion Corsets Review


Europa Fashion specialises in steel-boned waist-training corsets inspired by Victorian styles. KathTea Monroe trials a scarlet short waist cincher and white underbust for wearability…

Europa Fashion, also known as Faneca Fashion, is a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of steel-boned waist training corsets inspired by the Victorian styles that shaped the body. They use heavy steel bones and premium quality materials, making the corsets ideal for waist training and tightlacing. At present, they manufacture varsity jackets and leather coats alongside corsetry.

I had the opportunity to try out their corsets in styles 8079 in red (a short waist cincher) and 8033 in white (an underbust). You can see me wearing them below, and read on to hear my thoughts about their sizing, shape and suitability for waist training.

Red short waist cincher, style 8079

The 8079 style has a straight top and bottom edge. Its design is suitable for ruler shaped bodies like mine and gives the wearer a soft concave silhouette.

Europa Fashions Corset

Europa Fashions Corset

It measures 8” in length, which makes it suitable to be worn by shorter torsos like my own – or over an outfit as a belt or cummerbund. It has a rib spring of 3” and a high hip spring of 5”, with 10 bones in total.

White underbust, style 8033

The 8033 style has a pointed top and bottom edge. This design also suits ruler shaped bodies and offers a mild concave silhouette as well.

Europa Fashions Corset

Europa Fashions Corset

It measures at a much longer length of 12.5”. As a result, it comes in a bit high at my underbust! However, if you have a longer torso you might not have any such issues.

This underbust corset has a rib spring of 5” and a high hip spring of 6”, with a total of 24 bones.

Would you waist train in these?

Both designs are somewhat lightweight in terms of fabric thickness. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend waist training in them and think they are best used as fashion wear.

If you’re new to the concept of waist training, or the art of physically reshaping your body through the careful use of waist training corsets, read Mookychick’s guide to corsetry. It will give you important insights on how (and why) to buy and use a fitted corset that’s right for you, and it talks about the myths and truths of waist training too.

Getting the right Europa Fashion corset size for you

First thing to note is that Europa Fashion corsets do not come with waist tapes! This may be a dealbreaker for some buyers, but it was not for me.

Europa Fashion corset sizes go from 22” (marked XS) to 38” (marked 5XL). Petite and plus sizes are available upon asking. Keep in mind that listings sometimes don’t give the exact corset waist size. In these cases they’re only marked XS to 5XL and/or your suggested uncorseted waist size, so get in touch and ask questions if you want to ensure a good fit.

Where can you buy Europa Fashion corsets?

I’ve linked some options below:

I’ve had a love affair with corsets for years, and can’t wait to try out more brands in my next corsetry adventure. See you then!

Photography & Model: KathTea Monroe