Game of Thrones Fashion Ideas That Will Never Reveal Your Secret

Game of Thrones Fashion Ideas That Will Never Reveal Your Secret

What to do if you want to dress like Game of Thrones but don’t want to make it too obvious. Because no-one needs to know who you REALLY are…

So you want to pledge your style allegiance to Game of Thrones, but you don’t feel comfortable wearing wolf fur capes and raw silk goddess dresses in public. What else can you do?

Hair Braids

Everyone from Daenerys Stormborn to Sansa wears hair braids. You can go for thick and intricate braids, or a few slender ones. Braids work well with long hair worn down or with a messy up-do.


A Khaleesi always keeps her dragons close. Search for “dragon ear cuff no piercing” and you’ll find enough dragons to re-populate all of Westeros.


Costume Designer Michele Carragher’s sumptuous embroidery for the Game of Thrones TV series features on dresses worn by everyone from Cersei to Sansa. Search for embroidered dresses in a kimono wrap style, or search for “embroidered motifs” to get started on your quest.

Pins and Brooches

A Hand of the King pin from Project Custom will do the trick. Or you can find unique brooches with natural motifs like ivy leaves. Pins in silver, brass or bronze are best – nothing too shiny.

Big Slouchy Boots

From Daenerys to Arya to Brienne, most of the female characters in Game of Thrones wear big slouchy boots with trouser-things at some point. It’s a look you can get away with in public, keeping your Game of Thrones secret identity a secret… but you’ll know. Oh, you’ll know.

Leather Pouches

Does Ygritte have a tote bag? No, Ygritte does not have a tote bag. Under all those furs she has a leather pouch.

Search for “LARP costume pouches” online (that’s Live Action Role Playing) and you’ll find cheap leather pouches that can be slung onto the belt of your choice. Match it with skinny jeans and slouchy boots and you’re officially, secretly, Arya.

Your Own Personal Sword

Latex dagger from a photoshoot for

Okay, so you can’t carry a sword in this day and age. You can still search for “LARP daggers” online and find a LARP-safe latex dagger to carry in your bag. A water dancer should always have a latex blade of some kind to hand.

Note: If you’re good at sewing/making and have made any Game of Thrones stuff, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch! editor @

Hand of the King pin in action.

Game of Thrones: Heavy on the embroidery.