Game of Thrones maxi dresses? Mother of dragons!


Daenerys has three dragons, an apparently endless array of maxi dresses and she’s all set for the Iron Throne. We respect the dragons but we’re beginning to be afraid of how terribly cruel and splendid the dresses are…

Game of Thrones summer maxi dresses come in bewitchingly jewelled brights. If raven darks are more for you, join the gothic maxi dress mavens in the cool shadows, away from the desert sun.

Daenerys / Game of Thrones maxi dress ideas


Replica of Daenery’s white dress in Season 4, £31.58, Etsy


Wear this with whatever maxi dress you like, and instantly feel the part.

Daenerys Qarth belt, £25.59 – Etsy


 Desert sunset maxi dress, £35.00 – Lipsy


Dragon’s wing sleeves! £38 – Etsy


If you were evil, you would totally trust this person to sell you delicious oysters. You would not for a second think they’d hidden a small sword n the rose bushes to deal with you. You’d be wrong. Flower dress, £16.45, Etsy


Maxi dress, £10.70 – Finejo

Hang on, this one’s basically a tenner? And it’s got lovely zig-zags? All right, then.