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Rule 63 is the internet rule that for every given male character, there is a female version of that character. Obviously rule 63 in its initial form is a little binary, but here are some of our favourite rule 63 Halloween costumes.

Halloween is a safe place to experiment with gender role and is a chance to express yourself in a way that perhaps you don’t on a daily basis. Gender-bending Halloween costumes are not mass-marketed – they’re a unique creation of your very own. Here are 8 of our favourite gender-bending Halloween costume ideas, but we’re happy to add more (credited, ideally) if you email editor @ mookychick.co.uk

Breaking Bad

Gender bending halloween costumes

Walther White heads out with a femme Jesse Pinkman. You can make your own meth rock candy to match.


Gender bending halloween costumes

A gender-bending Dexter compliments the female archetype victim perfectly.

Steampunk Gentleperson Explorer

Gender bending halloween costumes

The nice thing about Steampunk is you can mix it up, gender-wise, and swap the swathes of red satin and lace for a sturdy tweed number and some good strong hob-nailed mountain boots. Any excuse to own a fob-watch! Silver-topped walking cane is optional, goggles are not 😉 Pictured is the lovely J-L Heylen, author of Steampunk books with a gender politics theme.

Big Bad Wolf

Gender bending halloween costumes

Always with the Red Riding Hood? Don a onesie, or SFX makeup and contacts, or furry leggings plus DIY tail, and go as the Wolf. Maybe a male companion will hood up and wear red to make a perfect match.

Bender from Futurama

halloween costume rule 63

“Leela save me! And my Banjo! And Fry! And yourself I guess!” You’ve got to love a bit of Futurama. Just go as Bender, and bend it all the way. Fabulous Leela costume, too.

Charlie Chaplin

Gender bending halloween costumes

Ah, Charlie Chaplin – the perennial favourite. Words cannot express how good a girl looks in a fake moustache.

Female Doctor Who

Gender bending halloween costumes

Yes! YES! Last but not least, go as a Female Doctor Who. With so many generations to choose from, charity shops are sure to help you pick out the right kit, and the only version you’ll struggle with is Colin Baker’s. Sorry, Colin. That coat was not good.

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