7 Reaons to Love Himalayan Salt Lamps – Unusual Christmas Gift Ideas


The mission to find Christmas gifts can be akin to a Grail quest at times, and it never hurts to come across unexpected sources of inspiration.

Imagine you’re seeking a gift that forms a perfect trifecta:

  1. It’s affordable
  2. It suits a person’s taste and habitat (always a risk)
  3. It shows someone you really do like them

This is why we needed to write a Christmas love letter to the salt lamp, with seven reasons why we think they achieve the perfect trifecta of Christmas Gift Excellence.

himalayan salt lamp

1. Light is beautiful.

Any person you can think of likes lights, and the warm rose-gold ambient light of a salt lamp is suited to any decor. Whatever labels society has ascribed to you, you are a creature that was born to respond to the sun, and to love the light in the darkness.

2. Salt lamps come from the earth but they don’t cost the earth.

Depending on the size and provider you can expect to pay around £10 to £30. There is something so satisfying in giving someone a block of salt that comes from the earth, filled with light no less. And yet it’s affordable, for all its size and weight.

3. Oh the prettiness.

There’s no such thing as too many salt lamps #1: Our editor has a salt lamp and wouldn’t cry if she got another ten for Christmas. They’re so pretty.

4. Each salt lamp is unique due to its organic materials.

There’s no such thing as too many salt lamps #2: They’re all a little different, in terms of shape and size and the quality of light (since they’re made of actual salt, and therefore each is organic and unique).

5. An it harm none… the potential health benefits

Salt lamps have a range of possible health benefits, which is nice. Most notably, they’re recognised as negative ionizers. Realistically, they only have a limited range and are unlikely to flood a room with negative ions, just a very small area of it. But they might be good for you, and certainly aren’t bad for you. You can even leave them on all night without fear of fire.

6. Quick to achieve as a last-minute gift, wherever you live.

They’re so readily available online that you can rely on them as a last-minute purchase.

7. Made of salt, though. Lick it. Salt.

Finally, you can lick them to prove they’re made of salt. You can scrape a little off into your cooking. You don’t have to, but it’s charming to know you could.

If you think a Himalayan salt lamp might be an ideal gift for someone this Christmas, there’s a wide range available on Amazon.