Interview with artist Nat Morley

Interview with artist Nat Morley

Before Nat Morley was an artist she was an internet alternative model. We talk to her about the modelling period in her life.

When you think of the teenage style ‘alternative’ you think of the internet famous people on Myspace / Buzznet / Vampirefreaks such as Audrey Kitching, Kiki Kannibal, Raquel Reed. These girls have rose to fame from the internet and started the trends that are huge today. Since then many internet celebrites have trended, so we ask… what is it like to live in the life if an internet celebrity? Alternative model Nat Morley gives us her take on things…

Nat, how did you rise to fame?

I took pictures of myself from when I was around thirteen and uploaded them to social network sites such as Myspace and Bebo, people began to hear about me from there.

When people say that you are an inspiration, how do you feel?

It’s the greatest compliment that I could recieve, it’s an honor to know that I have inspired somebody in their life and hopefully help them for the better.

Art: Copyright Nat Morley. Used with permission.

You get a lot of fan mail, how about hate?

I get more fan mail than I do hate, but I do get my fair share of it. I just laugh it off and move along.

Has their ever been a piece of hate mail that you have let get to you?

I wouldn’t say so, I’ve had a lot of things said to me and it’s made me stronger.

How does it feel to be so well known?

It’s fun, I get to meet new people and get to know them. It’s helps with my art and modelling too as more people recognise it.

Have you ever been recognised in person before?

Once or twice, it’s not that big of a deal honestly, the places I have been recognised are only in the 25 mile radius of where I live.

Do you think that your strong views to controversial things have made a lot of people dislike you?

I’m sure that they have, but I feel that everybody is entitled to their own views, you only live once and if you don’t say something you will regret it sooner or later.

Are you friends with any other ‘internet celebrities’?

I speak to Hanna (Hannie Dropkick) a lot and I used to speak to Kiki Kannibal, they’re kind and misjudged people. Other ‘internet celebrities’ such as Hanna Beth I have never spoken to before.

Has your internet fame helped you offline?

I would say so, yes. I think that I spend a lot more time offline than I do online now, but it has helped me with my confidence, modelling and artwork. Without everybodies feedback I wouldn’t be who I was today.

Does it irritate you when people make fake profiles of you?

Sort of, it’s irritating because a lot of people may think that it is the real me, so if they are abusive I have to take the blame. On the other hand you could say it’s the most sincere form of flattery. People recognise me now, anyway.

What do your friends think of you being internet famous?

It doesn’t bother them in the slightest. Some of them have a laugh about it because they don’t fully understand, but overall they just leave me to it.

What’s the funniest rumour that has been spread about you?

I’d say that the rumour that I abuse animals is – it’s so extremely incorrect that it is hilarious. I would never do such a thing.

Do you think you will ever regret being internet famous?

Not at all! It’s been an experience to remember and I’ve met some great people through it all.

Would you recommend to all those teenage girls that they should be an e-celebrity?

I would say that you have to be a strong person and know who you are if you’re going to be an ‘e-celebrity’. It’s not for people who take everything to heart because you will get hurt.

Art copyright: Nat Morley. Used with permission.