Jelly Shoes for Summer – Our Top Picks

sun jellies


Jelly shoes and summer were made for each other. Check out some of the best styles available online below. Let the haters hate – our jelly love is deep!

Jelly Shoes for Summer 2017 – Pick of the Crop

sun jellies

Sun Jellies – £12

juju jellies black

Kyra Juju Jellies from Juju Footwear – stockists include ASOS and Top Shop

jelly sandals modcloth

Rainbow Jelly Sandals from Modcloth – $39.99

jelly sandals asos

Flat Jelly Sandals from ASOS – £12

office jelly shoes

Babe Hi Black Glitter Jelly Shoes from Office – £5 (sale at time of writing)

 jelly shoes juju


Juju Jellies from Schuh – £15-£18


jelly weave ballet pumps

Jelly Weave Ballet Pumps from eBay – £4.99

jelly shoe boohoo pink

Fisherman Jelly Sandals from Boohoo – £4

gladiator jelly boot booho

Gladiator Jelly Sandals from Boohoo – £10

jelly sliders fitflop

Jelly Sliders from Fitflop – £28

jelly pumps shoeaholics

HYPE Jelly Pumps from Shoeaholics – £19.99

jelly ballet pump

Bow Trim Jelly Ballet Pump from Deichmann – £5


How and Why Jelly Shoes, Anyway?

Jelly shoes were first invented in France in 1946. They enjoyed a resurgence in the eighties (along with the frankly disturbing cultural appropriation of “Native American” fringe T-shirts. They say the past is another country and let’s not ever do that again). But we can and must do jelly shoes. Jelly shoes never hurt anybody.

Though they are beach shoes at heart, jelly shoes and sandals are versatile enough to be worn anywhere. Unashamedly joyous, they’re made of sturdy plastic and available in a dizzyingly bright array of colours. With so many jelly styles going the extra sparkly mile it would be a shame not to take advantage and glitter up your feet, too, whether you preferpumps or a strappy or chunky style.

Hello, jelly shoes. You’re here. That means it’s summer again.