KathTea Models Her Custom Kitty O’Hara Corsets

Kitty O Hara Corset model KathTea

With corset prices starting at £120, Kitty O’Hara corsets can cater for all tastes, from Hufflepuff corsets to Batman waspies. Alternative model KathTea went for a black spiked cincher and “Moondragon” underbust.

Kitty O’Hara taught herself how to make corsets after buying a pattern for a bustier and falling in love with the shape it created. She built up her collection of corset books and practised different techniques of corset construction until she streamlined the process. She wanted to create a balance between quality of production and costs.

Kitty O’Hara Corsets

Corsets on the market can range anywhere from £50 t0 £500 and she wanted more people to be able to enjoy corsetry by creating a range of corsets that are relatively low budget.

Kitty studied traditional corsetry techniques at London College of Fashion and started creating her own designs from whatever was in her head at the time, inspired from everything from Alexander McQueen’s couture collections in Vogue to the colours of the leaves on a tree in autumn. Clients were drawn to her designs but often asked for slight alterations, be it colour, shape or embellishments. This led her to where she is today. She designs her own corsets as and when she was inspired, but almost all of her designs come from her clients giving her a specification to work to.

She loves creating designs for customers and helping them realise their dream corset. There was one month where she made a Hufflepuff Harry Potter Corset, a steampunk wedding corset, a Batman waspie and a saffron and black waist trainer so the range of her designs really is infinite when she has the collective creativity of all her clients to work from.

My Custom Corset Waspies in Gothic Black and Moondragon Green

The pieces Kitty O’Hara designed for me were collaborative work. I sent her pictures of things that I liked, and we put together some waspies in keeping with those themes. Here are two of the three corsets she designed for me:

Moondragon Corset

Kitty O'Hara green corset model KathTea

Model, photo: KathTea Monroe

The Moondragon corset in green was inspired by my first cosplay of the skimpily dressed and very bald bisexual comic book heroine of the same name.

Corset detail

Corset detail

Black Spiked Cincher

Kitty O Hara Corset model KathTea

Photo: Diabolique

The black cincher with spikes was inspired by gothic fashion and their blatant use of spikes.

Kitty O'Hara corset detail

Corset detail

Peach and Lace Waspie

kitty o hara corset

Just beautiful

Kitty especially enjoyed creating the peach and lace waspie with the solid yoke, it was the most challenging corset she’s made so far, not least because the dimensions of my waist are so small! She loved the shapes the black yoke created and the contrast of the pale peach with the black lace were just beautiful; once she’d completed it she couldn’t stop picking it up and looking at it! Unfortunately, in the time I had reviewed the corsets, I had health issues and was not able to fit in the peach corset.

However, I have truly treasured the other two corsets featured in this review as they’ve lasted through thick and thin with me.