Leopard Print Clothing and Make Up Ideas

Leopard Print Clothing and Make Up Ideas

Animal print is as eternally fierce in fashion as the noble beast it originated from. From hair extensions to leopard lip tattoo prints, let’s snug up and vamp out.

In times immemorial, leopard print was believed to harness the animal’s powers when worn; it has continued to empower the modern woman with primitive, sexy and dangerous qualities. Faux is the way to go nowadays, but where did it all come from? The risque Betty Page inspired women in the 40’s to step out of line and throw on the print. The 50’s wardrobe was nothing without a leopard print, the punk rock scene of the 70’s had a hint of it and every era since has embraced the leopard loving. There are so many ways to promote primitive in your style, so get your claws in.

Leopard Print Dresses

A leopard print dress combines the ultra-feminine with ultra animalism and exploration of personal passions. It’s the ultimate statement, whether it be Body-con, Maxi, Midi, Cocktail, Day-time, Night-time or Prom (Yes, my prom dress was leopard print.) I recently bought a dress from Topshop that I LOVE. It fits perfectly, has a fifties air about it and is a great print.

Leopard Print Tops

I have lost count the amount of leopard print tops I own. You can walk onto the high-street, vintage stores and charity shops and be bombarded with choice. Printed button up shirts are a great staple piece to wear with jeans. Change it up with different colours of leopard print or sheer materials.

Leopard Print Leggings/Trousers/Shorts/Skirts

Natalie Wood looking all raowwr.

If you’re not wearing it on the top-half, wear it on the bottom. Rockabilly Capri pants are making a comeback this year, as are denim hot-pants. Printed maxi skirts are so very lovely, and pencil skirts are back. Customize with leopard trimmings or turn-ups.

Leopard Print Tights/Socks/Lingerie

Even if you can’t see it, it’s got to have animal spots.

Leopard Print Jackets

Leopard fur coats in the winter (faux-only) are terribly warming. Blazers are also a clever idea for the mook who’s desirous of a smart look. Find one with leopard print cuffs or lapels to show a hint of leopard even in the office. I simply love my pink fluffy leopard collar vintage cardigan.

Leopard Print Shoes

Guilty pleasure alert – I have a serious shoe problem. Leopard print shoes are like the cherry on the cake. They wake up an outfit if things are looking a bit bland. I especially love a pair of leopard fronted creepers.

Leopard Print Scarves

Photo: Siouxsie Law

Add a touch of vintage to an outfit with a spotted scarf, either to your hair or around the neck. The scarf worn on the hair looks wonderful with a rolled fringe or ‘bettie bangs’.

Leopard Print Accessories

Ah. Accessories. One can never have too many bags and the leopard print kind is no exception. My favourite is a vintage clip satchel style shoulder bag, perfect for nights out and a steal at £15.

Leopard Print Hair

Get hairy with your leopard print. Fake it with painted extensions or do the real thing and get the shaved bit of your hair printed, like I did.

Leopard Print Make-up

I had to check out the latest Lip Tattoo fad, so I found red leopard ones online for under £2. Application is the same as a temporary skin tattoo, with water and sponge, which is easy. But make sure that you cut them to size, we don’t want trout pouts now do we. With a little touching up, I was rather impressed with the finishing product.

Leopard Print Nails

With a Primark Nail Art pen and some pretty shades of polish, I managed to create my own claws. I first coated my nails with the pastel purple, then once that had dried I created un-even blobs of glittery pink on the nail’s surface. Then, with the nib end of the nail pen, I outlined the blobs using reference.

Leopard Print Tattoos

Real devotees will even get inked with the print – just like my friend who’s sporting a thigh-piece with roses laced with leopard spots.

Let’s wear leopard even better than Lynch.