These Medieval Armour Leggings Are The Real Historical Deal

Medieval armour leggings historically accurate
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Dress to slay! These historically accurate Lorica medieval armour leggings are ready to take down the competition.

You may have seen armour leggings before, but these medieval armour leggings by Elena Hutchinson of Lorica Clothing focus on historical accuracy.

On her successful Kickstarter campaign, she explains that “Lorica” is the Latin term for body armour. In Christian monastic tradition, a lorica was a prayer of protection. Here at Mookychick, we’ve always believed your clothes can be your armour and these leggings take it to the next level.

These armour leggings are based on real medieval armour which is currently on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Ausberg Medieval Armour Leggings

Medieval armour leggings

The Augsberg leggings are inspired by German Gothic plate armour in the 15th century Roman Empire. The fluted metal was designed to deflect crushing blows.

Henry VIII Leggings

Medieval armour leggings

The Henry VIII leggings are based on the intricate armour worn by the king into battle in his later military campaigns.

Scudamore Leggings

Medieval armour leggings

The Scudamore leggings carry the design of field armour worn by Elizabethan courtier, solider and confirmed jouster Sir James Scudamore. The armour was designed by artist Jacob Halder who also kitted out Scudamore Senior.

Cleaning up the world, taking out the trash.

All these medieval armour leggings are soft, stretchy, moisture-wicking and, in the words of Lorica clothing, “stank-free”. It gets even better. As well as being 14% spandex, each pair of leggings contains 86% yarn recycled from plastic bottles (so that’s about twenty bottles each). It’s a dirty world we live in. Sometimes you gotta take the fight to where it’s needed.

Where to buy

The Lorica Leggings Kickstarter was successful, so these leggings are literally happening.

Lorica Clothing’s Elena Hutchinson has more plans for future clothing lines with historical accuracy and defiance at their core. She’s already got patterns for skater dresses with a bodice inspired by Henry VIII’s armour on the go. These will be heading into the battle training grounds soon, as they were dependent on a stretch goal which has already been met. Onwards, with valiant heart.

Now go forth and slay!

Photos credit: Lorica Clothing







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