Ten Wardrobe Essentials You Can Buy Now to Wear Forever

Ten Wardrobe Essentials You Can Buy Now to Wear Forever

Some clothes never go out of style and improve with time, like ballet pumps, trench coats and pencil skirts. Prepare for timeless fashion inspiration.

Fashion trends come and go, but there are essential pieces that last from one season to another. With the following ten pieces in your wardrobe, you can create looks that are both classic and on trend each year. Think eternal style that evolves as you do.

Trench Coat

A trench coat has always been a symbol of style. And also spying, of course. It looks both classical and dangerous. A neutral colour such as brown or black will never go out of style, but don’t be afraid of coloured options. The perfect trench coat will fit neatly for your body and last for years.

Ballet Flat

Ballet flats have been a firm favourite for generations; they look wonderful for lazy weekends, work commitments and going out in the evening. Style icons such as Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn knew the value of a good pair of ballet pumps, and many of us at some point or other have been inspired by these great ladies of the past.

Layering Piece

A great jumper makes the perfect layering piece for any wardrobe, and has the added benefit of being snug in autumn and winter. One option is to find colours that suit your natural skin tone in fabrics you love. Layer a thin cashmere jumper over your white shirt for one look, or under your leather jacket for an entirely different feel. Chunky sweaters are also rather marvellous. In fact, sweaters are marvellous in general. Your layering piece should be versatile enough to go from day to night.

White Shirt

The white shirt is the epitome of classic style. A good white shirt can be transformed from an office look to a party look (and even a japanese kei look such as loligoth) with a change of accessories. Wear it buttoned up for work, then unbutton and layer it over a lacy camisole or tied at the waist for a more everyday, casual feel. Find a white shirt with details that make it stand out, such as lace or eye-catching Victorian or vintage buttons.

Pencil Skirt

Everyone needs a well-fitted pencil skirt in their closet. Pencil skirts hug curves, accentuating every frame, no matter your size. The secret to a great pencil skirt is to find one that fits your natural body shape.

Leather Jacket

A leather jacket never goes out of style. It adds an edgy touch to even a classic outfit. A decent leather jacket will last forever, and in fact it tends to improve with age. Look for one in a soft material, such as a sheepskin jacket, and in a classic cut that will last through many seasons. Vegans can get pleather jackets, naturally.

Nude Shoe

A nude shoe goes with anything and any colour dress will look great with them. Even an outfit consisting of an oversized jumper and skinny jeans can be dressed up with a great pair of nude heels. Pairing a little black dress with nude shoes can also look rather lovely. The nude colour helps keep eyes drawn to the details of the dress and create a solid line from the hem to the toes, elongating the legs.


The shirtdress is a great option for both women who love dresses and those who don’t wear them often. It’s a natural addition to her wardrobe and can be worn anywhere. In addition, a shirtdress is the perfect choice for the woman who doesn’t wear dresses very often because it feels more casual. It can be worn to the office with a favourite pair of heels, or it can be dressed down with ballet flats, biker boots or Doc Martens for a weekend look.


Most of us need a good coat to keep warm during a long winter, and you’re bound to want form as well as function, so choose a coat that matches your definition of stylish. Look for a coat that fits well over different outfits and fabrics, even over your thickest sweaters, and make sure the style suits your body type.

Tote bag

Many of us humans would be lost without a bag to carry their essentials. A great tote can make an everyday outfit feel unusual and customised. It’s important to find one that’s big enough to carry everything you need for your daily life, but also isn’t so big that it overwhelms your frame. Taller women can carry a bigger tote that would engulf a petite woman, but a small bag that looks perfect on a shorter woman may look too tiny on her taller friend. Of course, if you’re a small person who needs to carry around rather a lot of things, get whichever bag you really need!

With these ten items in your wardrobe, you can dress up any outfit to look stylish and put together for all occasions.