The joy of parma violets

The joy of parma violets

Oh, violets! Flowers so gorgeous that Dorothy Parker did a poem about them:

Sweet Violets

You are brief and frail and blue-
Little sisters, I am, too.
You are Heaven’s masterpieces-
Little loves, the likeness ceases.

Of all the violets, the parma violet has the most heavenly sherbety scent. Nothing quite like it on earth. Its delicacy can be found in so many treats, we thought we’d share…

Parma violet sweets


These little bursts of floweriness from Swizzle only cost a few pence. These 50 rolls of mini parma violets for under £4 could be useful for all kinds of random gift-giving adventures.

Parma violet Shakeaway Milkshake


Joy. You’ll find ‘parma violet’ in the sweety-flavoured section on the menu. Purple-flavoured perfection. Yes, it does blend.

 Parma violet chocolate creams


These dark chocolate parma violet creams from Chocally (£6.95 for a box of 8) are ridiculous. Honestly, just look at them. It is very true that all parma violet creams taste of Agatha Christie novels and old ladies and murder.

Brusque violet perfume from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab


`I never saw anybody that looked stupider,’ a Violet said, so suddenly, that Alice quite jumped; for it hadn’t spoken before.

Long may the name of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab be spoken of in reverent tones here on Mookychick. The alchemists in question specialise in formulating perfume blends with a dark, romantic Gothic tone. The ‘Brusque Violet‘ perfume is weighted with parma violet but carries an additional edge (think astringent mint), just as its ‘Alice in Wonderland’ namesake suggests.

Dear parma violet – you may only be a very little flower, but you’ve been with us since the 16th century and your following is becoming quietly ever more huge.  Heaven’s masterpieces, indeed.