Vegan shoes – where to buy vegan DMS, New Rocks and more

Vegan shoes - where to buy vegan DMS, New Rocks and more


The Vegan Society have helped us compile a list of places to buy alternative vegan shoes online. Vegan boots and trainers, too. You want vegan DMs? New Rocks? Victoriandustrial boots? Not a problem.

If you would rather not sacrifice style for conscience, and are of a vegan turn of mind and don’t want to trade your ethics for fashion, you may have discovered that vegan shoes are (a) sometimes hard to find online and (b) can be quite expensive. We scouted through a few online vegan shops to find the animal-free equivalents of goth platform boots, DMs and more.

vegan shoesvegan shoes

Retro vegan shoes from Beyond Skin

Alternative Vegan Shoes

Converse All Star – original and best

Converse have a proud history of ensuring that counter-culturists from indie singer songwriters to punks to – well, everyone – have walked around shod, happy and ethically sound. Converse All Stars are canvas ‘n’ plastic, and vegan to the bone. Wait – that was a poor turn of phrase. Just make sure you go for the basic canvas design, not any with leather uppers or detailing.

vegan shoes

Converse All Star – vegan baseball boots

Pennangalan have lots of awesome boots.

Vegetarian Shoes have vegan New Rocks and DMs

Mens / Unisex vegan boots – New Rocks, desert boots, Steampunk Engineer boots and more

Womens / Unisex vegan boots – nice Vintage / Victoriandustrial boots

Beyond Skin do wonderful vegan shoes that are elegant, chic, retro and undeniably Mooky. You can expect to pay £45.00 or less, and their designs are quite unique.

Beyond Skin Women’s Hattie Lace Up

Ethical Wares have some boots along those lines

Liberator knee-high lace up boot

Daise Roots

Rebel Rebel stiletto heel lace up boot

Vegan Stores have got an interesting waterproof moon boot. Impressive.

vegan shoes

Vegan Stores moon boot

Veganline have got a couple of DM style boots

Camouflage boots

Bouncing boots

Freerangers have got one shoe/boot

Low biker boot with metal stud detail

Macbeth is good for trainers.

vegan shoes

Vegan trainers by Macbeth

Eliot Womens Vegan Shoes in Black/midnight

Macbeth vegan trainers – official site

Women’s Vegan Converse-style hi tops In Black/Purple

Mad Fish do vegan goth boots. Their prices are what you might expect for a standard platform goth boot (around £65 for a knee-high pair).

Mad Fish Vegan Goth Boots – decent selection

vegan shoes

Vegan goth platform boots from Mad Fish

Mad fish Gothic Vegan Black Goth Platform Shoes (Nice platforms soles but the boots don’t go very high; they’re more like stacked industrial trainers)

Mad fish Gothic Vegan Black Goth Platform Boots – The classic platform goth boot, goes up for miles)

Capezio is good for dance trainers.


Capezio Unisex Freedom Dance Trainer

Mook Towers is in love with dance trainers. They’re cheap (around £17.00), they make you look like you do parkour (let’s be honest, unless you do, you probably don’t) and they’re so light you can fold them up and put them in your pocket. Possibly the most useful thing in the world – and the vegan dance trainers that Capezio do look very simple and industrial and light.