Adora Bat Brat – interview with a goth fashion icon

adora bat brat

Interview with Adora Bat Brat, YouTube goth fashion icon

Adora Bat Brat is a synthare (swedish electrogoth) princess. This goth queen is famous for her YouTube make-up tutorials, DIY gothic fashion and SO much more. We caught her between baking sessions for a virtual chat…

Adora Bat Brat is a synthare (swedish electrogoth) princess. She’s famous for her make-up tutorials on youtube – they showcase her unique look with over 4 million total hits. Model, make-up artist and mother, this enterprising goth designs her own clothes and has been singing in an electro band.

How did you get into modelling?

At the age of 20 I studied art and was a croquis (nude) model for other artists on weekend-classes. About a year later I met a reputable fashion/commercial photographer, Paul Quant, who liked my looks and we collaborated (still do) on many occasions for published as well as exhibition pictures. He recommended me to other photographers as well. This was in the beginning of the 90’s so there were no digital cameras and we worked in a very different way than you do nowadays. He taught me everything that a model needs to think about.

Close up on yesterday’s artwork.

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Who are your style inspirations?

I was a teenager in the 80’s, so my biggest inspirations were Boy George, Cindy Lauper and the girls of The Anadin Brothers. Everything in the 80’s was fantastic in my town. The local punk girls all looked like a mix between Nina Hagen and Morticia Addams, but with extreme make-up skills, things I copied when I was 12 – and still do! I’m also an extreme fan of old movies in the glam era with Marilyn Monroe and Shelley Winters. Marlene Dietrich was the reason I removed my eyebrows in 1992.

I have no “new” style inspirations, I tend to look backwards in style. I’m a member of an 18’th century society so that era is a also a huge inspiraton.

With a blog and fan page as well as your website and other profiles, what makes you want to share so much of your life on the internet?

Haha, I think the world has not caught up with us swedes when it comes to that!

You might say I started the Adora Bat Brat – goth and Facebook on demand. I got so many questions on youtube that I couldn’t cope with answering them all and I didn’t want to disappoint anyone. The easiest way was to create a forum (website) where people could find information about me themselves, and a blog for those who wanted to know more about my persona. My two Facebooks (one personal, one fan page) and the blog is where I can interact with people and I read everything I get even if I could never answer everything, since I get well over a 100 personal mails every day (not counting comments). The main reason I want to share must be that it’s a fantastic way to get in contact with so many interesting people. And I don’t share that much… I’m too wierd to put everything in my blog! People would surely call the men with the white coats then…

What is it like having so many fans?

The best way to describe it is like “being wrapped in a pink, fluffy, warm blanket”, or the goth way to say it: “being wrapped into a black gigantic bat’s wings”. I don’t think about it that much, but I aim to make people feel more positive about themselves. I’d love it if all people can feel as good as I do on the inside. Spread the love xxx

What are your views on feminism? Would you consider yourself a feminist?

That is always a difficult question. Feminism means so many things for different people, but surely we should all be equal when it comes to salary, politics and social rights. It doesn’t matter about gender, looks or other. I think goths are more discriminated then women in general anyway, so I might just be a gothist. I don’t have to call myself a feminist to think equal rights should be observed.

Do you feel judged as a mother for the way you look?

I actually feel a bit less judged by others since I had the kids. Before “normal” people had trouble figuring me out, but by having children they could relate to me on another level – as a mother. I get stopped often by women in the age 40-90 who tell me that when they were younger they were original like me, and that they love my looks. Very sweet. The word on the town is that I have Karlskrona’s most beautiful children – people tell me that all the time. Being judged that way is just nice.

Is there a difference between the Swedish and UK alternative scene?

By the little I’ve seen I’d have to say yes. Sweden is a small country, and the alternative scene even smaller.. The things that strike me most is that we have very different styles in electro music (that is my music of choice), we seem to put more effort to our make up and hair (and by this I do not mean myself, I always have boring hair) and people seem more open and happy in general.

Or it can be I’ve just been to the wrong clubs in London, or that the people are a bit too shy. Swedes are chatterboxes and we love when people come over for a conversation.

Do you think you would be as popular without your sunny character?

Aww, so sweet of you! You really think I’m sunny?! Now I’ll be happy all week!

Well, no, I don’t think so. Every morning I wake up happy and apparently it shines through. I’d like everyone to feel as happy as I do.

You make and customise most of your clothes and accessories…

I’ve been making and customising clothes since my grandmother put a needle in my hand *haha, that sounded funny*. I’ve always known I was different, and for different girls there were no different clothes when I grew up, so I had to do the best I could. I think it’s a nice hobby. I love to work with my hands, that’s when my brain makes somersaults.

Are there any words of wisdom you’d like to pass on to people reading this?

Oh wow… there are so many things. For me it’s always been to choose the happy side of the matter, to love yourself the most and be your own best friend. Don’t do to yourself what you wouldn’t do to your best friend. Always assume everyone you meet has a story sadder than yours, that will make you sympathetic, and try to meet anger with a smile. Don’t lower yourself to their level.

Is there anything we should have asked but haven’t?

There is still lots left of me to know 😉 Perhaps ‘How do I stay so thin?’ The answer: I eat according to the Montignac method where I can eat lots without gaining weight. It’s mostly fat and fibres. I had to change my diet because of gastric catarrh. I write a bit about it in my blog.

But I think that’s it! Lots of love xxx