Corset care – corset itch tips, cures and prevention

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Corset care tips – learn how to take care of your skin and avoid corset itch, plus deal with itching if it happens.

Fine, so you’re wearing your corset… and you get the dreaded, notorious corset itch. Just a little one initially, but it spreads until you’re in a creepy crawly challenge from ‘I’m a Celebrity’. The ideal solution is to disrobe, but sadly you can’t go whipping your corset off in most public spaces. Here’s how to deal.

Why does corset itch happen?

According to corsetieres Puimond, the fabric absorbs body oils during wearing which can cause dry flaky itchy skin. Plus wearing the corset can get quite warm, which itself can make you feel itchy, along with perspiration – which can irritate those millions of nerve endings.

Preventing corset itch is better than curing it

The prevention of corset itch is always better, and frankly more dignified, than the cures.

Try wearing something underneath the corset. This is usual with underbust and waspie style corsets, but if you’re going for a Victorian (or earlier) inspired look, an overbust can look elegant over an ethereal blouse. If you’re going for a sleek/cyber look, go instead for a very tight, structured and athletic-looking black vest.

Talc. As long as you’re not asthmatic, powdering yourself all over where the corset will be reduces direct contact between corset and torso and thus can help keep all those body oils exactly where they should be.

Moisturising cream. It doesn’t need to be anything posh, the cheapest will do. Many people swear by lanolin cream as well – however, lanolin is an animal product, so vegans will have to skip this one. Creaming is probably the most effective preventative. However, be wary of creaming if your corset is silky on the inside. Don’t over-cream or you might have to chase the newly-slippy corset about your body to do it up.

Corset itch cures

Wiggle. Squirm like a wild thing, and hopefully the friction will scratch that itch. This one is probably easier to get away with at a gig than on a date.

Scratch it. This is best for itches at the front (unless you’re very flexible). Wait until you nip to the loo, because it doesn’t matter how good the music is – people are going to notice the girl with her hand down her own top.

Use something else to scratch it. Depending on where you are, possible implements may include glow sticks, rulers, straws, and cocktail stirrers. The trick is to make it look perfectly normal, or if on a date, flirtatious and avant garde.

Water. Either splash some water on yourself, or get a friend to tip a little down your back. Do not attempt anything other than water, or your corset will stain – and smelling like a walking vodka bottle doesn’t seem so great the next day.

Cold. Get outside, get some fresh air and harness the natural, cooling, anti-itching properties of the climate.

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