Quick Tips For How To Feel Comfortable In Corsets

corset goth


Corsets make us feel beautiful and look striking but they really embody the phrase ‘gilded cage’. Since the hourglass fantasy is confined by the back-aching reality, here is some advice on wearing corsets so you don’t have to learn the hard way.

Shoes before corset

Now, you can put your shoes on after your corset – but this is difficult to accomplish at all, let alone gracefully. Save yourself the embarrassment of having to ask someone to dress you and remember to put them on before you start lacing the corset.

Keep a lid on the fizzy drinks

Fizzy drinks will just cause gas in the body and whilst the results are normally unnoticeable, wearing a corset pushes on the stomach and all those bubbles will just cause unwa bodily functions. Avoiding fizzy drinks is harder than it seems, especially when it comes to alcohol; obviously no alcopops (that also means no cider, no lager, no Bacardi and coke, no archers and lemonade, etc.). Safe choices include Baileys, Guinness, and gin and cranberry.

How long’s a piece of string?

Once you’ve finished tightening your corset you’ll have reams of string to deal with. However you tie it, make sure you don’t leave anything hanging because loose laces can trip you up, catch on all sorts of items and generally dangle in things (think trips to the loo).

I’d also recommend that you learn how to lace a corset. This is useful if you ever need to change the laces or if too much of the lace ends up on one side.

Don’t tie the laces around your waist, because it will damage the material of your corset.

Dare to bare with corset liners

You might be advised not to wear a corset against your bare skin – this can dry the skin out and leaves red marks where the boning is. But who can resist the resulting bare cleavage? If you’re going to wear the corset with nothing underneath, the crease in the skin of your back will be on show (the tighter you go, the worse the crease). To reduce this, enlist someone’s help to push the skin apart in an attempt to distribute it more evenly under the corset.

Wearing a corset over your clothes will be more comfortable and avoid the possibility of you accidentally exposing yourself – you can also buy longer corsets to fully cover a tall torso. Corset liners can be bought online – these can’t be seen under the corset and give you the benefit of a layer between you and the cincher.

Don’t be creative with the truth

Corsets should be bought 4 – 6 inches smaller than your natural waist. Do not strain the tape measure to its tightest and record that as your natural waist or decide to deduct a few inches from your real measurement. Unless you are a committed tight lacer you’ll just be disappointed when you can’t fully close your corset.

If by a miracle you do close the corset and struggle through the pain, chances are that the experience will put you off wearing that ‘evil torture device’ for a long, long time. Any permanent changes require patience and persistence.