Dark romantic goth style tips for Afrogoths and Goths of Color

Dark romantic goth style tips for Afrogoths and Goths of Color

As a gothic woman of colour who prefers Evanescence to Lupe Fiasco, it’s hard to find style tips and lifestyle ideas for bronzed beauties amongst the coveted society of paler lovelies. Yes, my black swans… I’m talking of being a part of the dark, beautiful world of Romantic Goth Style.

Afrogoth makeup tips for dark skin

Let’s assemble some dark goth makeup tips: your maquillage of the macabre. You DO NOT need to pile on loads of gothic makeup to look the part. Of course the rules are pretty set for the standard gothic beauty, but for us it is modified. Forget the white powder. If you must, use it VERY lightly. I’d prefer to just use a powder foundation a shade or two lighter, as I don’t want to look like a clown. We are not the Cullens, ladies. Unfortunately.

Dark goth lips

Stain your lips, don’t pile on the lipgloss. Try a dark red… Give that boy you’ve been eyeing the illusion that you’ve been biting your lips in frustration at their hesitant pursuits. If you desire the ‘freshly dead’ look, you can always cancel out the colour in your lips with a nude colour.

Dark goth hair

As for hair, black may seem the only way to go, but try tinting your hair with a touch of violet or crimson as an option. Remember, if the hair is relaxed, wait at least two weeks before experimenting. The only thing worse than untamed hair is no hair. You can also work with hair falls.

Dressing the part: Romantic goth style

Once again, I don’t want to stick to the standard gothic fashion; this is for the romantics. Dark jewel colours are preferred to accompany the black, but don’t be afraid to add a touch of pale colour. Think Marie Antoinette with Tim Burton as her stylist. Saucy, no? I’m sure most of us spend our mornings in school or the like, so the last thing I’d want you to do is suffer from corset itch during algebra. Try dark camisoles and form fitting dresses, maybe even pair a black babydoll shirt/dress with skinny jeans and Victorian heels. Save the corsets and heavy velvet for when you want to seduce the count. The Count would be pleased.

Daily living beyond the look

Everyone has their own way of interpreting this dark lifestyle, but take note that without the light, there can be no dark. It’s far easier and preferable to be someone who has knowledge of all things. You shouldn’t be elitist, because there may be a time you won’t be accepted yourself. This isn’t intended to give you the idea that you must constantly scowl and mock the preps. Be courteous and civil. Judge no-one and ignore the ignorant.

As a black girl strayed away from the stereotypical hip hop world, I’m always questioned by friends and family, seen as someone who doesn’t acknowledge their culture. This is not the case. Don’t forget where you come from. Simply introduce the curious to where you now belong. If they care for you enough, they’ll be happy to adorn you with Anne Rice and black roses…

Rihanna in her video for “Disturbia”

Our lovely contributor Sharnea keeps things sophisticated and simple with a feaux-fur hood jacket reminiscent of deathly-chill mountain ranges where the wolves howl, nude makeup and starkly inviting wolf-eye contact lenses.

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