Alternative Models: Interview with a Demon!

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Miss Anjelica interviews a Demon for Mookychick. What to expect? Demon is kickass and quirkily geeky, certainly not a dainty be-seen-not-heard kinda of girl. And beauteous Demon is one of the most visible alternative models who are women of colour on the scene…

When you are not planning to dominate the world, what do you do in your spare time?

I am a huge GEEK. usually I’ll be hanging with friends, but recently I’ve grown very attached to my Playstation 3. I can play Call of Duty for HOURS at a time. Something about blowing peoples’ heads off with a sniper rifle makes me all warm and fuzzy inside..

At photo shoots, do you listen to music to get inspired? If so, who inspires you when posing?

That all depends on the theme of the shoots. If It’s really high fashion then the typical “runway music” would do. If it’s a really strong and dark attitude I’m trying to seek, any heavy metal. Music defiantly influences the way I move.

Have you modelled internationally?

I would love to! However there is a slight problem… I have a fear of flying alone. I don’t like it at all! The slightest bump in the sky would send me into panic mode!

Where did the name Demon come from?

The name demon has been around with me for years. When I first discovered the gothic scene I assumed having the scariest name would make me feel more accepted with other ‘goths’. I first referred to myself as ‘demon of dreams’. After a few years I realized that the name sounded absolutely ridiculous! But since I had already started to generate somewhat of a fanbase, I shortened it instead of changing it – to avoid confusion.

Now that I think about it, Demon does in some way suit me because I’m able to model both mainstream and alternative looks (in mythology, demons are considered ‘shape shifters’). And, just like a real demon, I do have somewhat of a vicious bad temper that only A-holes witness 😉

Should a girl go to college before pursuing an alternative modelling career?

A girl should do what she feels is right. I’m not their boss. Hell, I didn’t even finish high school. I became this successful because I’m driven, motivated, and very persistent. If you’re some girl that just “wants to be famous” but are afraid of rejection, stay in school.

Any advice for girls and women of colour about the alternative world?

STAY AWAY FROM STEREOTYPES! This means no looking up “gothic makeup tips” because I can guarantee you, 95% of these ‘tips’ include pounds of white makeup that will look pretty ridiculous on our dark skin!

Recently you were one of the top four finalists for the coveted title of Mrs. HorrorFest! Tell us more…

The Miss Horrorfest competition is a contest that’s held once a year, to determine the new spokesmodel for Afterdark films “Horrorfest 8 films to die for”. The winner would promote alongside After Dark for one year.

Unfortunately I did not win, and as for cutting the throat of the winner… I think she might like that, actually. Her name is Victoria Tim, or Victim.

As for competitors playing nice, I’m not going to sugar coat this statement… HELL, NO! But it’s a competition and that’s expected. During the first round, my audition video was flagged and reported to youtube 3 times. And each time my video was removed as a pathetic attempt to knock me out of the race… To this day I don’t know which girl (or girls) did it… but I’ll find you… Muahahhaaha.

Why did you chose alternative modelling instead of mainstream? Which is more fun to model in terms of PVC, alternative, Horror, etc?

For the record, I am still actively involved in the mainstream industry. I love high fashion and avant garde work. The reason I choose to be ‘more’ active in the alternative field is because… Well, apparently I’m good at it. And I love the way I can express my imagination with alternative modelling.

Why did you write the book Gothix Model? Do you plan to write another?

Gothix model was the first publication that I really felt proud of producing. I really go into depth about my views on the modeling world, and provide tips on how I personally got to where I am. This was my first swing at publishing and I can’t say I am entirely happy with it, but I am looking into creating a revised edition. Definitely!

What causes are you passionate about?

I am extremely passionate about LGBTQ rights. I’m not gay or bi however I don’t agree with people being judged on the basis of their sexual orientation. It makes me sick.

Why did you build your own website instead of staying on social networks?

I hardly use Facebook because it’s… Well… Bland. However, Myspace is plain UNRELIABLE! Sure I have over 11,000 “friends” and it’s a great way to promote. But there was a time that Myspace yanked my page, no questions asked. I was pretty pissed to say the least. Having my own website allows me to print the url on business cards and promotional tools without worrying if it’s going to be there tomorrow.

What’s in your closet?

At the moment, my cat. She won’t come out. But besides that, my usual attire – which consists of comfy clothes. T-shirts, sweat pants, and a few sun dresses. Sorry folks, this alternative model is only part time 😉

Is there any photographer or model you want to work with?

I would love to work with Jeffrey Scott. I think his photography and digital artwork is amazing. As for models, I don’t really have one in mind.

Who is cooler: Elvira or Vampirella?

That’s a tough one, they are both pretty badass. So to prevent the chance of getting stabbed in my sleep, I’m going to have to say they are equally cool 😉

Any tattoos or piercings?

I have a tattoo of the Cheshire cat from American Mcgee’s Alice video game.

I plan to get more tattoos eventually.

Does your family know you are an alternative model?

My mom paid my way through modelling school, so she knew I would be involved with the entertainment industry in some way. When she witnessed my transition, of course she thought it was a bit bizarre and thought I was crazy. But now I catch her printing out some of my shots and framing them 🙂

It’s a good feeling.

Plans for the future besides world domination…

I’m currently looking for ‘him’. I was just ‘dismissed’ from a 4 year relationship that really left me hurting inside, so now I’m just trying to pick up the pieces.

Demon and the Dog: Valencio Photo

Demon with black contacts (and awesome uberGeek tattoo): After Dark Films

Demon posing against a brick wall and large window: Hilda Yulfo

Demon and Red Wings: Rights owned by Demon

Demon Mirror Image: Rights owned by Demon