Glittergoth loves Alchemy Gothic jewellery as much as we do

glittergoth gothic jewellery

If you’re looking for the fabled high-quality Alchemy Gothic jewellery range, GlitterGoth have over 500 different pieces in stock. Love, love, love.


Do GlitterGoth hold the key to your heart?

GlitterGoth are as passionate about Alchemy Gothic jewellery and its rich heritage as we are. Alchemy Gothic is a brand that first came to light (out of the shadows, naturally) nearly forty years ago.

As a family-run business, GlitterGoth place Alchemy Gothic jewellery in the innermost centre of their dark hearts and stock over 500 Alchemy Gothic pieces for your perusal all in one place!

glittergoth alchemic jewellery

To serveĀ  the needs of evolving Gothdom, GlitterGoth stock Alchemy Gothic jewellery in several flagship ranges:

  • The Alchemy 1977 classic range in pewter and crystal
  • The Alchemy Empire range for Steampunks who imagine a world of computers in the age of Victoriana
  • Metalwear for mosh-friendly biker culture
  • UL13/17 for urban street style and the modern gothic aesthetic – expect bold graffiti lines and splashes of colour.

Having lasted for so many years, you can expect Alchemy Gothic jewellery to have tapped into something that calls to goths eternally when it comes to dark adornment. Their creative influences include the rich mythology of global folklore and the occult.

glittergoth alchemic gothic jewellery

Here be dragons. Here be skulls everlasting. Here be delicate Celtic entrelac motifs encircling bats cast in pewter.

Are you a goth vixen or a gentleman of the night? Whether it’s a choker or pendant you seek, or attire to inspire, or an accessory for the most shadowed corner of your home, GlitterGoth have what you need.

And with excellent delivery cost deals on UK or worldwide purchases, they aspire to be your eternal servant.