Prague-based Dracula Clothing review – in loff with the Goff

Prague-based Dracula Clothing review - in loff with the Goff


Dracula Clothing was established in Prague by Truls Stokka to offer affordable goth fashion direct from tailor to customer. Review by KathTea.

It all started when Truls Stokka walked around Camden and couldn’t find any goth fashion he could afford. This led him to travelling around India to find the world’s best tailors. Dracula Clothing was born in 2007, offering gothic and steampunk clothes at reasonable prices. Truls says that prices are kept low by sending the clothes directly from the tailor to the customer.

As alternative style addicts, Dracula Clothing initially did this business for fun. They thought they’d just sell to their peers, and perhaps a few random people. Eventually they sold much more than they expected. Dracula Clothing is now a full-fledged business, located in Prague with a handful of employees who manage orders and hold everything together.

For my Dracula Clothing review (for which I got a modest discount) I test-drove the aviator beanie hat, skull brocade waist cincher and thigh high spats, as pictured below.

Steampunk Couture Beanie

Steampunk Couture Beanie

steampunk couture beanie

steampunk couture beanie

The beanie is licensed from Steampunk Couture, combining the beauty of Kato and her designs with Dracula Clothing’s professional tailors. This comfortable, very well-made and affordable Steampunk beanie is made of a felt-like material.

Skull brocade waist cincher

skull waist cincher

skull waist cincher

skull waist cincher 4

skull brocade waist cincher

The waist cincher is shorter than the other corsets Dracula Clothing has in store, which makes it easier to tighten the waist. I enjoy this corset because it’s easy to cinch in and is very comfy. Plus: the subtle skull design in the damask is quite beautiful.

Steampunk Couture Thigh High Spats

dracula clothing spats

dracula clothing

The thigh high spats are also licensed from Steampunk Couture. They look great paired with boots and feature button decorations along their length with detachable grey belts. I had issues with the belts drooping and I think I bought them one size too small for my muscular thighs. You might want to check their size chart, and consider sizing up when ordering.

I am definitely looking forward to shopping at Dracula Clothing again for affordable gothic and steampunk clothing that suits my taste. I’m happy to recommend them – especially if you’re on a personal quest for good-looking budget corsetry.