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goth umbrellas

Goth umbrellas: Okay, these umbrellas aren’t just for goths. But we’ve sourced some lovely umbrellas that are cheap, windproof, piratey AND beautiful! Rain cannot defeat beauty! Hah!

Gothic skull umbrella

Price: $16.99

Buy the skull umbrella online

What is the most effective and unique way to defend yourself from the unrelenting sun and drenching rain? THE SKULL UMBRELLA! What sends the loudest message in the sun or rain that you don’t want anyone messing with you? THE SKULL UMBRELLA! What tells people: No, I don’t know what time it is. No, I don’t know where the pay phone is, just the abandoned church / batcave. No, I don’t think your kid is cute, just loud. The Skull Umbrella! Opens easily with the push of a button. Velcro tie. Metal shaft. Huzzah.

Birdgcage / bubble umbrella – see-through gothic black

Price: £15.00

Buy the Fulton Birdcage 1 Umbrella online

This lovely birdcage umbrella forms a snug bubble around you to keep you dry as you watch the raindrops fall all around you. It’s not fold-away, so it’s less likely to break on you – and it’s too pretty to lose. It’s transparent, so you can see where you’re going. It has a smart alternating black/white monochrome rim that goes with just about anything.

Hello Kitty cute umbrella

Price: £11.99

Buy the Love Bubble Umbrella online

Yes, of course it’s a flimsy piece of nonsense that’s going to break one day or turn upside-down in a gale of wind. Who cares? It’s a Hello Kitty umbrella. Be happy when the rain falls, snug in the knowledge that your world is pink, full of love and Hello Kitty-shaped.

Black Rose goth umbrella

Price: £28.00

Buy the Fulton Black Rose Birdcage Umbrella online

Gothic? Victoriana? Indie? It matters not. We simply love this transparent birdcage umbrella with its ornately thorned black roses and buds tinged with crimson promise. Has a strong and smooth open/close mechanism and extra strong fibreglass ribs, so it should stand up to the most tempestuous of storms.

Leopard umbrella

Price: £11.99

Buy the Leopard Umbrella online

Femme fatales can now run with les tigres with this gorgeous leopard umbrella. Sometimes it’s nice to wear something other than black, and a rain accessory is a lovely way to do it. And anyway, jungle print is nice. And anyway, if you take this rraowrr leopard umbrella to a gig under a rainy evening a nice person you haven’t met before is sure to want to play leopard cub and come and hide under it.

Black ruffled polka dot rain parasol

Price: £14.95

Buy the Black Polka Dot Parasol / Umbrella online

This elegant little number has a touch of gothic lolita to it, and is as sturdy as it is delicate-looking and well-made. Mooky Towers knows a friend who has one and it’s withstood all British storms (rain and snow) in 2010. Has a lovely curved handle and closes and opens like a dream – it works as beautifully as a well-maintained steam train. Has lovely ruffled detailing on the edge. Teal polka dots are good, too.

Gothic lolita black umbrella / rain parasol

Price: £11.50

Buy the Black Umbrella/Parasol online

A star buy, we reckon! Very cheap for such beauty, and perfect for all year round. The unusual Edwardian shape of this elegant rain parasol makes it perfect for both gothic lolita dress-up and ordinary attire. In fact, this parasol was formed from original Edwardian fashion plates so it makes a great statement! The blurb says it’s functional both as a sun parasol and rain umbrella – plus it can double as internal decoration. We agree. This really is a lovely umbrella indeed.

Gothic Contessa umbrella

Price: £20.00

Buy the Fulton Contessa 2 Umbrella online

Rain makes one want to embrace the gloom yet also disperse it. Lovers of black know that sometimes you can wear it to excess, and it needs to be given rich texture for all those black draperies to come alive. This Contessa umbrella is not cheap. But it has a wonderfully sumptuous textured satin cover and frill, a large canopy and a shiny animal-friendly croc print handle. There’s something a bit Venetian about this umbrella. We really like it.

Goth umbrella

Gothic Lolita umbrella / parasol

Goth umbrella

Gothic Contessa umbrella

Goth umbrella

Skull umbrella

Goth umbrella

Transparent / black birdcage umbrella

Goth umbrella

Hello Kitty Umbrella

Goth umbrella

Black Rose goth umbrella

Goth umbrella

Leopard umbrella

Goth umbrella

Black Polka Dot Parasol / Umbrella


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