Gothic clothing – Gaia Noir

Gaia Noir

As well as custom gothic / victorian clothing, Gaia Noir has DIY accessories under £10 – cheap but made with love, our favourite combination. Bustles for £15, Lolita bloomers and more!

Gothic clothing - Gaia Noir

Gaia Noir bills itself as ‘alternative and historically inspired eco fashion’. The clue’s in the name! ‘Noir’ has always been the favourite colour (or should one say tone) of the gothic contingency, and Gaia is, as we all know, the Greek goddess of the entire Earth. Gothic and eco leanings all in one place.

Cheap gothic accessories

Gaia Noir stock really lovely accessories at around and under the £10 mark.

Gothic clothing - Gaia Noir

We were particularly enamoured of their purple/black striped armwarmers (for £9 – but they’re in a sale, so we don’t know how long they’ll last). We were also rather fond of their rather unique chokers (there’s a dark tartan one that makes us think of windswept Scottish moors).

Gothic clothing - Gaia Noir

And, for the very brave, you can get a bustle pad for £15 to stick under your own skirts and dresses for extra sweep and flounce. Good heavens!

Eco-friendly (and long) hair extensions

Gaia Noir offer custom-made dreadlocks extensions, including what seem to be the longest extensions available anywhere in the world. If your neck can support them, you finally have the opportunity to wear them. Gaia Noir are also looking into creating extensions with vegan plant fibre as we speak.

Steampunk / Lolita / Victoriandustrial clothing

Gaia Noir specialise in customised upcycled Steampunk and Lolita accessories, from lolita bloomers and gorgeous frocks (short and ankle length) to charming little felt hats made from 100% post consumer water bottles.

Our particular favourite, the one that touched our blackened pirate hearts, was the mini tricorn hat for £25. Bravissimo!