Mini top hats

Mini top hats

Really, Hetherington had merely concocted a silk-covered variation of the contemporary riding hat, which had a wider brim, a lower crown, and was made of beaver. There was initial resistance to Hetherington’s silk topper from those who wanted to continue wearing beaver hats. But in 1850 Prince Albert started wearing top hats made of “hatter’s plush” (a fine silk shag), and that effectively settled the questions; coincidentally it also all but wiped out the beaver-trapping industry in America.

Miss Kim Primeau is the talented creatrix of a vast array of beautiful mini top hats available on

Her bijou little top hats are an absolute dream for adding a finishing touch to any outfit, whether you’re teasing yourself with burlesque, victorian music hall, goth, or decorating your dread falls… or perhaps celebrating a particularly special event with a touch of showgirl.

Actually, these mini top hats have proved popular for those in the know. She’s sold an Aladdin Cave’s worth of hats to professional burlesque dancers with their rigorous stylistic demands as well as to models and anyone with a sense of fun who is looking for a simply divine party hat.

She creates mini victorian top hats in different colours and sizes – some ready for your own style and some designed for you. She also creates mini toppers, adult top hats and… drum-roll, please… velvet bonnets.

What a talented lady!