World Goth Day is on 22 May. Happy World Goth Day!

world goth day

Happy World Goth Day! We celebrate with some of our favourite gothic bands, old and new. Marvel at the celebration of all things goth on 22 May… in the heat of summer.

We’re so happy World Goth Day exists, and if you check out the official site you’ll see that countries are celebrating with Dark Events all around the world.

A new gothic music scene is currently emerging, but we would like to celebrate with a listen to some of our favourite old bands.

“This Corrosion” is a Sisters of Mercy classic, and you can follow up with their top hit “Temple of Love” with Ofra Haza and “Kiss a Stranger”. Bassist and singer Patricia Morrison is an indubitable goddess and tends to be underrated in spite of having worked with luminary bands like The Damned.

Known as the Godfather of Goth, Peter Murphy is a real shaping influence on the gothic sound and his musician/band creation Bauhaus is… well, listen. Hark, now. Follow this track up with a listen to “Mask”.

An alabaster cherub told us you haven’t listened to Siouxie Sioux and the Banshees today. What’s with that? To be on the safe side, one would be wise to place Siouxsie in their ears every day. The Banshees have perfectly attuned goth punk sensibilities; to not love this woman is to have a heart of stone. You could follow up this best-ever cover of “Dear Prudence” by the Beatles with “Peek-a-Boo”, “Happy House” and “Christine”. Then all will be well.

Robert “Lovely, Lovely, Lovely” Smith of the Cure is beloved of goffs and non-goffs alike. He is a bit amazing with his hair and lipstick and jumpers and songs about cats… he is a thing we can all enjoy. In honour of this splendid occasion, we have chosen “A Strange Day”, though the Cure’s best-known songs include “Love Cats”, “Friday I’m in Love” and “Boys Don’t Cry”. Did you notice something from the titles? BOB SMITH MAY WEAR A LOT OF BLACK BUT HE IS SO HAPPY. Take THAT, stereotypes.

It’s a hot day today. If you have time, make yourself a little gothic loli parasol and listen to music in the park. Otherwise, explore the world of Fear Cult, Corpus Delicti, Dead Can Dance and all manner of beautiful bands and musicians celebrating shadow with sound.

See you here next year for World Goth Day – same time, same place. Unless, of course, you see us first. x