UK Lolita Fashion Convention in July Celebrates Jane Austen & Mori Girls

UK Lolita Fashion Convention in July Celebrates Jane Austen & Mori Girls

This July a UK convention unites Regency style & Japanese fashion lovers under one abbey roof. Enjoy Japanese brand fashion shows, Butler cafes & more.

The UK is hosting its first cultural celebration combining the historical Regency style of England with the beautiful fashions of Japan. All around the UK this year, grand Regency themed celebrations have been marking the 200th anniversary of the publication of Jane Austen’s novel ‘Pride and Prejudice’. Another recent and exciting phenomenon in the UK has been the explosion of amazing alternative fashions and influences from all over the world, including Japan.

Austen and the Abbey Japanese Fashion Convention

The UK group ‘Realities of Fantasy’ has organized a sumptuous, playful and adventurous ‘Austen and the Abbey’ event celebrating both the bicentenary of ‘Pride and Prejudice’ and the growth of Japanese fashions that nod coureously to Regency and Victorian style.

Austen and the Abbey Convention Details

Austen and the Abbey Japanese Fashion Convention

Convention date: 13-14th July 2013

Location: Stoneleigh Abbey and Leamington Spa Royal Pump rooms, UK

Theme: Regency Culture, Japanese style

Ticket prices and availability: Visit Sweet Sensibilities

This lovely UK alternative fashio convention will be held at two historic venues in Warwickshire: the beautiful Leamington Spa Royal Pump rooms on Saturday 13th July and the stunning Stoneleigh Abbey on Sunday 14th July.

Austen and the Abbey Japanese Fashion Convention

Saturday will bring a jam-packed day of fashion shows, workshops, talks, and shopping, with the option to attend an evening Cotillion dinner dance, whereupon attendees will have the opportunity to learn Regency dances from professionals. Alternatively you can opt to join ‘Austen and the Abbey’ in a mini fashion package holiday combining a two day shopping and entertainment adventure with a hotel stay to make it a full weekend break away.

Explore renowned Japanese Lolita Brands

Austen and the Abbey Japanese Fashion Convention

Designer and Director of Atelier-Pierrot – Yuko Ashizawa – will be in attendance

Within the grounds of the abbey you can visit a specially-created 19th Century style Lolita fashion and Mori Girl vintage department store called the Austentatious. It will offer bring and buy workshops, demonstrations, luxury, comfort, style and fitting rooms where you can admire, try on and buy any of the beautiful brand and off-brand products. Explore the style possibilities of known Japanese Lolita Brands such as:

  • Atelier-Pierrot (with guest Yuko Ashizawa, Designer and Director in attendance
  • Fairy Wish ( with guest Alice Kobayashi, Designer and CEO in attendance)

More, more style brands galore

Victorian Maiden will be selling their wares, alongside quirky clothes and accessories from various UK designers such as Stockingshop and Rocking Horse Design, Miwari, 8th Sin Creations, Little Miss Kitty, Tofu Cute and Rococo Daze… to name just a few.

Live music events: Japanese Goth and Classic Regency

As if all of this wasn’t enough, music will be performed by the incredibly talented Coco, one half of the Japanese gothic band ‘Die Milch’. Definitely worth checking out! And don’t forget your chance to become mistress or master of the Cotillion…

Carriage rides through the beautiful streets of Leamington Spa can also be pre-booked, as can special carriage rides and tea parties with the esteemed guests.

This is a unique and thoroughly exciting celebration of fashion. For more information and ticket prices, visit the hosts Sweet Sensibilities.

Austen and the Abbey Japanese Fashion Convention