Funky maternity clothes

funky maternity clothes

Funky maternity clothes: If you wear punky black, high heels or corsets, keeping your style in pregnancy can be a daunting task. But it’s possible to locate cool maternity clothes (even maternity corsets!) and – shock horror – both maternity community boards and the high street will be kind to you…

Pregnancy = a very different body. There are times when you feel like a whale, and other days you’ll know you’re beautiful. This new, albeit temporary, shape will need some different clothes as there are only so many pregnancy weeks / months you can keep squeezing into your oldthings.

Funky maternity clothes – The Bad News

Fortunately there isn’t much bad news these days. Gone are the hideous wallpaper pattern frocks of the past, and apart from the odd nosy person, most people won’t bat an eyelid at what you wear.

Wearing corsets when you’re pregnant

Though in centuries past they had gestation stays (pregnancy corsets), these days corset wearers will probably have to transfer to a bra instead. This is partly because even in the early months the baby is pushing your organs about, which makes acid reflux common, and any extra compression will make you uncomfortable. Also, your midwife – unless an alternative dresser themselves – is likely to be unhappy with corset wearing during pregnancy, and getting on the wrong side of someone who is going to poke you with needles is never wise.

Maternity style and high heels

Your midwife is unlikely to venture an opinion on your footwear (no guarantees can be made about concerned mothers and aunties). However, after about five months of pregnancy, high heels are likely to cause your legs to ache considerably. Fluid retention around the ankles is quite common in pregnancy, along with a whole host of other pregnancy symptoms, so you may find yourself purchasing some very sensible-looking flat shoes. At least it’s easy to get your hands on alternative ballet slippers and pumps nowadays.

Funky maternity clothes – The Good News

Fans of black rejoice. Most high street pregnancy basics are available in black, which means they go with anything and can mix with existing wardrobes very easily. They tend to be pretty simple shapes, but there’s plenty of leeway for modifying them to suit your existing style.

The ubiquitous smock top is still around and you could easily get away with wearing one for the early stages of pregnancy; many high street stores stock them in plain colours as well as the fashionista patterns that they heavily advertise.

For some garments you can just buy a bigger size. For tops, ensure that they don’t have such a big neckline that they might slip right off you. Many styles of dress work well in a larger size. Be aware, though, that as your bump gets bigger your hem will rise.

You can use bump bands and extension hooks with your regular clothes to keep wearing them long into the pregnancy. If you’re good with a needle and thread you could probably make an extender yourself. However, during pregnancy your hips widen. Even with an extender, some closer-fitting garments may not fit you and your bump.

The Do’s and Don’ts of pregnancy style

Don’t overestimate your usual size when buying maternity clothes, or you will find yourself tripping over fallen-down trousers.

Don’t spend too much. A lot of the more costly maternity shops will talk about investment, which is fine if you’re planning on following this pregnancy with another (or two) quite soon, or have the money to splurge. Mostly, maternity clothing just ends up being very costly for only a few months’ wear.

Do shop in places that you would normally avoid. For new basics for pregnancy, the high street is your friend.

Do join pregnancy message boards. People often give away used maternity clothes.

Don’t buy anything that’s impractical to wash. Morning sickness is a master of surprise.

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