Where To Get Large Size Bras in the UK

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Where to get indie / gothic / Retro / large size bras online in the UK . Let’s face it, many bra shops only stock to a size DD at best… way to make a woman with a large bra size feel inadequate!

So – it’s a given that big falaloompas have their (many, many) disadvantages. The backache. The difficult in finding clothes that flatter and fit. The glances at your chest, not your face. The lack of bras that make you feel attractive. And, of course, the sinking feeling of going to your average bra shop and knowing you’ll be lucky if they stock a bra size any larger than a D-cup. It’s becoming far easier to just shop for your bra online, once you know your proper bra size. So what UK online options are there?

Large Sized Bras From Simply Yours

First things first: Simply Yours don’t muck around when it comes to large bras. Any girl who needs a larger cup size knows it saves time to look for stuff available in your bra size first, rather than look for pretty bras and then see if they’ve got your proportions in stock (because, let’s face it, they usually haven’t). So Simply Yours make things easy by ensuring you can search for items JUST in your bra size (or back size) from the get-go. If you’re a size H, for instance, you’ll find over 100 bras conveniently listed in your size just by selecting that shopping filter.

We would always recommend getting properly fitted in a dedicated bra shop so you know your true bra size before hunting online. However, Simply Yours have an excellent bra fitting guide on their section. It covers sizes, explaining what the different style do to your natural shape, trying on tips and a whole lot more. If you do end up getting a bra size that doesn’t fit, Simply Yours let you return items by post within two weeks of purchase – and if you live in an area covered by courier service, their courier will collect unwanted items for you.

Simply Yours stock all the usual brands beloved of big bra girls, like Freya (yay! Best Balconette bras ever!) and Fantasie. They also handle lovely brands like Masquerade, who not only have a nice name but also specialise in classy stuff with a creamy-soft vintage look and feel to it. For example, at Simply Yours you can get a Masquerade basque in large bra sizes up to a G cup. If you go to the Simply Yours site, do a search for ‘Beautiful WP Bra’ (dusky boudoir burgundy-pink with spidery black lace detail, £36)) and ‘Panache Eliza Balconette Bra’ (pictured – £29, a good price when you consider larger bras brands (like Empreinte) can easily go up to £70 and beyond. Our pictured bra would be perfect for anyone of a gothic or vintage-loving dispotion. It achieves that rare balance in larger bras – support combined with delicacy. It’s always nice to find a bra that makes you feel like a woman, not a badly-painted truck. If money’s a problem, best become of a fan of the Simply Yours Facebook page. They often offer money-off deals there.

Bravissimo Bras

Bravissimo used to be a tiny shop in hard-to-reach Ealing, but they’re well-known now, with quite a few more shop outlets, and they do know their bras. Their prices are much the same as anywhere else and they have a good range. Bravissimo is probably the best place to go to a physical shop and get a proper bra fitting. They have really friendly staff who really understand the woes of the big falaloompa-ed woman, and if you’ve been cramped into too-small bras or ugly boulder holders all your life, walking into a Bravissimo shop for a fitting will feel like a genuine epiphany. Bravissimo have quite a quick seasonal turnover of styles, so it’s always worth looking in their sales section. Like Simply Yours, Bravissimo’s online presence also does swimwear and fashionwear with a larger bra size in mind. Shops like these are probably the only place you’ll ever find a vest top or a tankini that fits. The Boudoir Beau Bra pictured is £30.

What Katie Did – Bullet Bras & Vintage Lingerie

Sadly, at the time of writing, the biggest bra/back size that What Katie Did go up to is 40F. Vintage-style lingerie has a long way to go in catching up with the needs of top-heavy beauties who want to feel like beautiful alternative women at the lingerie level. However, What Katie Did are definitely worth a look (and they have a US as well as a UK presence). Their signature bullet bra, the Harlow bullet bra, goes up to 40 F and is a satin-y and satisfying style statement. It costs a measly £29.50 – amazing, when you consider the dedication that has gone into the product. Of course, it could be that a bullet bra is the last thing a bigger cup girl feels she needs. You never know – it could look fantastic!

What we love about What Katie Did is that they are a proper boutique venture – they design and manufacture every single piece of their lingerie, and are therefore very well-placed to give sizing advice if you have any bra size related questions. They have done marvellous things for making the online pursuit of vintage glamour easier, and are as well-known for their corsets and hosiery as they are for their vintage bras.

Leia Bras

Leia… Their prices are pretty much the same as elsewhere, sometimes a bit cheaper, sometimes a bit more expensive. But they have a decent range of large bra brands (Elomi, Fantasie, Freya, Royce… the usual suspects). Buying a large size bra is an occasional necessity, not a regular luxury – so it’s nice to have a few places to browse around and see if there’s a style out there that interests you. We’ve featured a Simone Green bra with pinstripe print and Austrian lace embroidery for £30.