Maternity clothing essentials

Maternity clothing essentials

Maternity clothing is a hassle but will make you feel more comfortable. What items of clothing do you really need? Combats? Maternity tights? Maternity leggings? Flattering waterfall cardigans? A nightdress you’d be happy to give birth in? We take a look at the top 10 useful bits and bobs…

Your shape can change hugely throughout your pregnancy, and splashing out on a whole new load of maternity clothes you’ll only wear for the duration of the pregnancy a bit daunting. Don`t worry if the thought of buying a whole new maternity wardrobe seems too costly. The people at Yummy Mummy Fashion (which groups together a bunch of maternity brands from independent retailers) said they would do us a favour and root through their shop to find ten items of maternity clothing that they think are the most useful if you’re trying to keep spend on maternity clothes to a minimum. They’ve also tried to choose some items that can become a staple part of your clothes once baby is born – like waterfall cardigans. For all those funky mooky mums-to-be, here is some inspiration! Nothing alternative, just good old-fashioned maternity clothes advice.

First things first. During 9 months of pregnancy, a main essential has got to be a coat! There are some practical and stylish maternity coats out there. Whether it`s a button mac, swing bolero, military wool coat, trench coat, simple cotton jacket or urban style gilet that appeals, there`s something for every taste, occasion and season. Working mums-to-be can also get tailored professional jackets.

A must-have for every pregnant lady is a simple cardigan that can enhance any chosen accompaniments. Waterfall, lounge and wrap designs are flattering for maternity, particularly in a long length, with their loose flowing fabric.

Who doesn`t own a favourite pair of jeans? Throughout maternity that pair of jeans will have to change but the look can easily remain. There are skinny, bootcut, flared, slouch, straight leg and boyfriend maternity jeans. Pregnancy does not mean compromise!

For the ultimate comfort in pregnancy, a good pair of leggings (or two) is very, very handy indeed. Maternity leggings are versatile, trendy, usually quite cheap and come in different colours and styles, such as jeggings or seamless leggings.

Further to leggings, a good pair of smart or casual trousers are also on the list of staples. In this domain, the choice is almost over-whelming! In the casuals department, it`s worth browsing through combat trousers (awesome, who can resist a pair of combats?), yoga pants, linen range and very cool crop, ninja and cargo trousers! For more formal wear, there`s everything from bootcut to straight leg to wide leg to peg trousers, in stretch, linen and cotton fabrics.

Being pregnant does not mean giving up the glamour either, if such is your desire. There are some simply beautiful maternity dresses, including sparkles, drape wraps, scoop necks, florals and pleats, that will further enhance the radiance of pregnancy. There is also a great range of casual dresses, including jersey, knitted and paisley styles. Maternity doesn`t mean hiding away – often, a mother-to-be can feel beautiful doing quite the opposite and visually revelling in her womanhood.

Skirts of all lengths and styles are also available in the maternity range. So whether it`s long, mid-length or mini, denim, pencil, flippy, pleat or military, there`s something to suit every figure. Pretty much everyone wears tights and they can be uncomfortable around the waistband if they’re not designed for pregnancy, so you’d be safe in investing in a few pairs of maternity tights, in different colours, patterns and deniers, all providing support to the all-important bump.

So with the outergarments covered, what about the underlayers? Good supportive maternity bras and overbump or underbump briefs are essential. Maternity underwear is as eclectic in style as standard underwear is nowadays. One can pick from shorts, thongs and bikini briefs, all with matching bras, plus body wear such as the strapless body slip and black baby bump wrap, to create the perfect silhouette under clothes.

Last on the list of staples in maternity fashion is nightwear! Pretty essential to ensure comfortable sleeping and therefore restful pregnancy – and at some point someone will see you give birth, whether it’s hospital staff or midwives, so it’s nice to know you’re prepared.