British Plus Size Fashion Weekend 2013

British Plus Size Fashion Weekend 2013

Big bites back. We look at the alternative designers set to take over the Official British Plus Size Fashion Weekend 2013.

With London Fashion week just around the corner, all eyes are going to be on the big name designers and the famous faces strutting down the catwalk. But did you know about the alternative fashion weekend that is currently taking on the fashion world?

The Official British Plus Size Fashion Weekend takes place 15th & 16th of February 2013 and offers advice and styling to those who want clothing that suits their frame a little better than most designer styles. The people behind the idea for the plus size fashion weekend include the wonderful Remi Ray, a plus-size blogger who became disheartened by the attitudes of the fashion industry towards anyone who is a larger size. In partnership with Evolve Magazine, a lifestyle magazine for the plus size community, this event has already got the tweeters tweeting and has had positive write-ups by a number of influential fashion bloggers.

Beth Ditto walked the runway for Paris Fashion Week in 2010. But now we want more, more, more.

It isn’t just about the clothes, either. The British Plus Size Fashion Weekend offers you the chance to join in a discussion with a panel of experts. There’ll be a clothes swapping session led by French blogger Gaelle Vanessa Prudencio (who will be offering her input) and a styling masterclass, so if you have an issue with a certain area of your frame then this is the time to find out how to maximize those assets!

Collections from designer Syreeta Badu will be featuring at the fashion weekend.

Designers showcasing collections include Simply Be, Syreeta Badu, Cover-up and many other names pivotal to the plus size fashion market. This show aims to enhance, educate, empower and support, proving that you can dress well because of your natural curves, rather than in spite of them.

It looks like the world has finally recognised we need to be anti body standard. We need more diversity in fashion than an endless parade of waif-like models, and the plus size revolution is finally happening. On TV and billboards, plus size models are being used to advertise products across the globe and this weekend proves that plus size fashion is no longer a tiny drop in the ocean.

Coco Curve talks about British Plus Size Fashion Weekend:

If you want to talk celebrities, though Mookychick Online prefers not to, there are a number of celebrities who have publicly embraced their curves – it’ll be mentioned here only because a focus on celebrity does help shape society’s overall mindset. Daisy Lowe confessed she loved her curves to Grazia, and Lena Dunham and Kate Winslet are both curvy girls who have no intention of changing their shape.

Curvier girls are quite rightly demanding designs and brands that really suit them, and it’s refreshing to see an event like this gain so much publicity. Let’s see how the plus size story unfolds.