Plus Size Lingerie Tips

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How to flatter your figure type (pear, V, hourglass or rectangle) with well cut underwear. Emphasise your curves and provide a feast for the eyes, putting the word linger back into lingerie…

Wearing clothes that fit and flatter your body shape is a great way to show off your best bits.  But what you wear underneath your clothes can be just as important in helping to make the most of your wonderful assets.

Take a look at our guide to choosing plus size lingerie that suits your shape and complements your curves.

Pear shape

Pear shapes can be recognised by the lower body being wider than the upper body. Whilst shoulders are narrower, the hips and thighs are broader, meaning your top size is often a size or two smaller than that of your trousers. The best under garments for a pear shaped figure are ones that balance the torso, so a bra that adds volume to the bust will create proportion and slim the waist. When it comes to the bottom half, briefs with a low rise and a high cut on the sides will help your legs to look slimmer, longer and more balanced with your shoulders.

V shape

Characterised by broader hips and a smaller waist, V or strawberry-shaped women have an athletic body type and almost no waist. However, with the right underwear, it’’s possible to create a waist by wearing underwear that slims the shoulders and makes the lower half appear more proportioned with the upper half. Opt for a bra that has plenty of support to lift and centre the bust without emphasising the breasts. Short briefs that skim the skin will help to balance out wider shoulders.


Women with hourglass figures have a figure which goes in at the waist but out around the hips and bust. If your hourglass is slightly uneven with a top heavy chest or bottom half, it can be easy to create balance should you wish to. Balconette bras and cups with firm sides will help to lift the bust and avoid breast tissue creeping into the underarms, all the while complementing your waistline. Choose high rise briefs with a high cut to lengthen the legs and shorten the lower torso.


Rectangular figures are straight up and down, with no area which is particularly bigger or smaller than another. As this shape is relatively curve-free, lingerie should be chosen which maintains your smooth lines and helps to create shape. Bust boosting bras should be your best friend and basques are perfect for cinching in the waist without minimising the chest or hips. Shorts are best avoided as these can look boyish, whereas small skirted briefs will flatter and give a feminine shape.

A well cut minimiser bra can make your breasts look a cup size smaller without uncomfortable squishing.