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Here’s a Mookychick guide to online plus-size fashion for indie, gothic, retro and generally style-conscious voluptuous vixens…

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Dressing creatively can be tough. Let’s face it, while writing this article we were scouting around the internet for plus-size fashion we’d actually want to wear, and it made us want to punch something. When it came to decent online shopping for plus-size alternative fashion, style and choice was pretty thin on the ground. If you’re a dress size that’s seen as plus-size in shops, surely that doesn’t mean you should be forced into cheerily coloured tents with barely more than a passing nod to style?

Skiing off-piste as a plus-size style goddess is hard work. There are plenty of alternative fashion hidey-holes to find online, with plus-size fashion treasures lying within. But there are also a lot of sites that are either trying to sell you (A) department store plus size clothes in bright colours you may not feel drawn to or (B) plus-size lingerie. Which is nice, but sometimes a woman has to go out in public, wearing not just a really brilliant corset, but some clothes that are warm, dammit. And look nice. And look alternative, if your dark goth heart so desires.

Without further ado, here is a small but perfectly-formed list of online stores catering to plus-size alternative fashion… and, based on your recommendations, may the list flourish and grow.

Plus-size goth fashion online

indie, goth, retro, vintage plus-size fashion

Bulletproof Cupid do rather nice fifties and gothic gear that goes up to about a UK size 20. Whether you want to be Audrey Hepburn or Lenore, the Cute Little Dead Girl, they can probably help you dress the part. And at £40 for a Dolly Swing Coat, the price is right, too!

plus size retro pinup fashion

Dangerous-FX have gone very gothic over the years with lovely plus-size gothic jackets and a steampunk vibe, along with the vintage-style wear. Worth a look! They do gorgeous plus-size pinup fashion, too (pictured above).

The Gothic Shop’s plus-size section is pretty and cheap, stocking Dark Star corsets, cobwebbed and beribboned tops and floaty dresses galore. Plenty of outfits here come in UK sizes 16-18. A nice, generous spirit!

Plus-size indie fashion online

indie, goth, retro, vintage plus-size fashion

Re-Dress is a wonderful NYC-based indie store who feature models and clothes with serious sass. They feature “masculing and butch styles”, vintage, teggings and a whole lot more. Just great.

Domino Dollhouse The classy polka dots and clean, bright colours with a touch of vintage let you know straight away that Domino Dollhouse is a classy affair when it comes to plus-size indie fashion attire. We especially love their ‘Delectable Dress’ collection and ‘Make Out Circus’ collection – the latter is somewhere between eighties dancewear and emo rock chick with a sophisticated urban vibe. AND you can get red/black Harley Quinn leggings!

Indie Flame is a plus-size DIY fashion blog. It’s great, because it scouts out plus-size indie fashion from etsy stores and other DIY indie style hangouts, and collates them all in one place for you to browse. Love it!

Just For Curves specialises in trendy women’s plus size clothing and junior plus size clothing sizes 14-36.

Revamped Fashion‘s motto is “Extra curvy gals deserve fun clothes too!” They specialise in Plus size reconstructed/recycled/repurposed fashion and accessories. The owner and designer Frances says “I do not believe there is enough cool, fun, eclectic PLUS SIZE clothing out there for us!!”

Torrid has lots of snakeskin effect and leopard print and hey, everyone knows leopard print is a neutral. Some sexy, wearable items here.

Plus-size Vintage, Retro and Burlesque

indie, goth, retro, vintage plus-size fashion

Pandora’s Choice is brilliant for any voluptuous vixen or alternative plus-size model. They do plus-size retro underwear (plus-size basques, corsets and more) and suspender accessories. Corsets went up to 34″ inch waists when we checked, and suspenders up to 40″.

Hey Viv’s online vintage clothing store sells poodle skirts, crinolines and accessories for a fifties-inspired vintage look. It has a mix of vintage-style fashions (always in stock) and genuine vintage dresses, so it’s a case of come and browse.

Candy Says has a plus-size vintage fashion section, but as it deals with genuine vintage, it may be low on stock from time to time.

If you have a plus-size alternative fashion store you think we should list here, please get in touch and let us know!

indie, goth, retro, vintage plus-size fashionindie, goth, retro, vintage plus-size fashionindie, goth, retro, vintage plus-size fashionindie, goth, retro, vintage plus-size fashion