PZI jeans for curvy girls – jeans that fit

PZI jeans for curvy girls - jeans that fit


PZI jeans are designed specially for plus-size girls or curvy girls with big bottoms. PZI are proud of making jeans that fit curves (including skinny jeans) with no gap at the waist. Mooky reviewer Duckie challenged PZI jeans to a deathmatch! Who won?

When I first opened the box, I found the PZI Jeans folded neatly inside. They were a nice, deep, cobalt blue, although it would be up to further experimentation as to whether the colour would hold. Instead of being one factory woven bolt of material as some jeans are, they were nice and thick – yet soft – twin pieces double-stitched up the inner and outer thigh, which in my experience is not only flattering but usually more forgiving in the long run with bending and stretching, and less likely to rip. Between squeals of glee that they had finally arrived, I slid them on without much difficulty.

The overall fit was surprisingly good. Instead of squeezing the death out of your thighs like most jeans tend to do they sat snugly on top without my having to wiggle, or jump, or perform any other activity one would be too ashamed to admit to employing when putting on jeans. However I was a tad bit disappointed when I went to zip them up. The fly flew without much difficulty but the waist band was a little too snug for my liking. It seemed about an inch or a half-inch off. I checked my waist measurement and the size chart to see if I had put on a little weight since the order but it was the same since then, which left me wondering if I had given them a bad measurement or if it was just a fluke, but I chalked it up to bad luck and went over the other aspects of the trousers. When standing up I found another mark against the jeans. Standing at about 5’1″ with a 28 inch inseam, I measured the jeans to be about four or so inches too long, which is why they’re rolled up in the photos.

Now, being a girl on the buxom side, I have an issue with my curves dictating my wardrobe, or more to the point my large heiney not letting clothes fit properly. For this – as well as the thighs – PZI’s slogan (“FINALLY, JEANS THAT FIT“)did not disappoint. They had a good snug fit and didn’t change my occupation to plumber when I bent over or crouched. In fact the jeans had a good inch or two of material at the belt line with an added double belt loop, most likely to keep a belt from ripping them, which is good for both accessorizing choice and hiding your shame. That for me is a big plus.

Durability is a problem you get with most jeans. They rip, tear and stain to the point where you get tempted to toss them into the D.I.Y. pile. So the second order of business was a durability crash test. First day out and new out of the box, I road-tested them in unfortunately damp urban conditions on a very rainy day of school. Over the course of a day they survived mud and water wear, the general hyper activity that I emit on a daily basis and some hardcore abuse. I stretched the life out of them in dance class (deciding it would be a good test to their flexibility) and I was very happy with the results. Here I was thinking they would gash on the first straddle stretch, but they held up and then some.

Finally my poor PZI jeans got stained with paper mache in drama club due to my own clumsiness and an even damper walk home, so I tossed the jeans into the wash to await the results. I have to say they performed because not only had the colour stayed intact (and thankfully didn’t stain the rest of my wash) but the stains were gone and the jeans weren’t worn a bit. After a few more days of wear and tear equal to and even greater than the first day I was happy with the overall quality. The jeans themselves were still the same deep blue colour and they fit the same with no noticeable stretch or shrink. The only signs of wear and tear were at the fold line where I rolled up the jeans. They were a little scratched up but surprisingly – after an accumulated week or so of walking on them (and I mean on them) – they weren’t yet ripped and I’ll probably have to have a few more goes before tears start to appear.

So… “Finally Jeans that Fit?” They live up to their name on the curve factor. I may well have ordered an incorrect size and won’t hold it too greatly against them. After a few wears and pulling it up to a bit higher then my waist line, the problem of the waist-band settled itself out enough. As for the height? PZI jeans scale all jean lengths. Heights up to 5’3″ get a 31 inch inseam, which explains the length, because at 5’1″ my inner leg measures 28 inches.

The jeans’ features? Definitely good quality, sturdy stitching for an added stretch factor, double belt loops are always an added plus, overall… Very good for their intended market of curvy girls. For fellow females of a more voluptuous figure with a height of 5’3″ or over I would suggest them. They are a very good quality, stylish jeans with good sturdy features and live up well to their name. However, these may not be the best option for a curvy girl below 5’3, unless you like cuffed hems on your jeans, are willing to get them altered for length, or chronically wear heels.

Beautiful Duckie takes her PZI Jeans for the Real Woman Road Test

Duckie engages in a risky spinny-roundy manouvre…

No body doubles and stunt bottoms for Duckie. This is the Real Thing!

Curvy girls and skinnyribs with round bottoms can unite in joy – PZI Jeans also do skinny jeans. Huzzah!