Best Star Wars Tattoos

Best Star Wars Tattoos

Real Star Wars fans will do anything to feel close to their favourite film characters… even decorating themselves with Star Wars tattoos, from saintly Boba Fetts to Tusken Raiders. Feast your eyes on world-class Star Wars body art and feel the Force…

Photo: Mike Fite from Phoenix, AZ. Model: Hollie Goss

Why be a Varga Girl when you can be a Darth Varga Girl? Surely these matching stormtrooper tattoos are the best Star Wars tattoos a girl can get. Pop Fact: Tattoos like this echo the WW2 period when women drew fake stocking lines down the back of their legs, not being able to afford the vintage nylon stockings themselves.

This clever girl has gone for the Light/Dark symmetry of crossed lightsabres AND the emblems of the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance. That’s neat.

Since when did Boba Fett get so cute? Just one pretty example of a trend towards kawaii Star Wars body art.

When you think about it, crossing a Stormtrooper with a sugar skull makes perfect sense. For a hapless trooper governed by psychotic madmen, every day is Day of the Dead. So many planetary civilisations to wipe out, so little time… a stormtrooper’s work is never done.

The execution is pretty good, but what’s really nice is the mixing of Star Wars mythos with classic sailor/’I love my mum’ beefy boy body art. “No roses grow on a trooper’s grave”…

Wow. Just… wow. We could make jokes about the rebel ships guiding the eye to the desired target, or about Luke disabling his targeting equipment to use The Force to guide him in to the sweet spot… we’re not going to. Okay. We sort of just did. Also, please note the rather enchanting yet random sheep on her wrists.

This Star Wars tattoo is one of our favourites, with its beautifully controlled palette and incredibly balanced design of technology and organic motifs. Has a very Japanese influence to it. We would happily swear fealty to the owner of this arm. Or, indeed, just his arm.

This gorgeous original design portrays Boba Fett in a saintlike posture – someone’s sure to write a hagiography of him one day. There’s actually an entire book of Star Wars Tattoos; it’s called Force in the Flesh.

This Star Wars tattoo is great because it understands that muscle and skin is a moving canvas. As the tattoo’s owner moves their arm, you’re told a visual story… one dark villain reaching out to another. It’s so nice to see body art that isn’t just a big fat design plonked onto an area with no thought of how the tattoo’s owner moves, or how a person’s eye moves round them.

This Star Wars sleeve is just so colourful and happy! We love the inclusion of the Imperial guard because they look great and often don’t get a look-in in Star Wars body art. Normally it’s all stormtrooper this and Boba Fett that. We also love how the tattoo rises to the celestial majesty of Cloud City. Brilliant!

Lucky number 11! We love the Star Wars tattoos out there featuring Tusken raiders. Niche.

Unprecendent luck – we decided to include 12! This full ink job on the back is genuinely gorgeous: great layout, great focus of interest, really nice use of space and beautifully controlled palette. We think think the lucky owner of this quality bit of body art will never regret their decision to get one of the best Star Wars tattoos of all time…

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