Inks and Meanings: Reasons Why More People Are Getting Tattooed

reasons for tattoos

Adornment. Identity. Rite of passage. Why are people getting inked? The reasons for getting a tattoo and the stories behind each design depend on the wearer.

A Way of Self-Expression

To place words or a symbol on your body grants a little part of your inside to the outside. Self-expression always has power, regardless of the type and design of the tattoo.


Many folk get inked to mark a notable aspect of their life, choosing symbolic tattoos that may hold both a cultural and personal meaning. Examples might include:

bee tattoo

Research your ideas carefully before taking the next step to get tattooed – and be sure to research tattoo artists as well, because they’ll all have a different approach to realising your vision.

sleeve tattoo

A Personal Tribute

From soldiery to parents and caregivers, tattoos are a way to honour loved ones who mean a great deal to you. In fact, ancient cultures carried the remains of their loved ones by placing body ink.

Black and grey designs are a popular palette for tattoo tributes to loved ones. Verse tattoos are also prevalent. You can even imitate their handwriting and turn it into a script design.

Tattoo As a Cover Up

Another reason why people are getting tattooed is to cover up or honour physical changes to their body. It could be a means to transform scars. Some folk decide on a tattoo after an operation. Some use tattoos as a symbolic means to show the world that their non-normative physicality, such as congenital disability, is an integral part of who they are.

Tattoos can make people feel beautiful in their bodies. They can build confidence and offer a conduit for the spirit.

Tattoos are symbolism for a lifetime

While there are many reasons people get inked, the result is always the same; they’re intended to be permanent. Think carefully about your reasons to get one, and what it implies about your life and experiences, and how best to turn that symbolism into art you’ll love.