London International Tattoo Convention 2013

London International Tattoo Convention 2013

London International Tattoo Convention 2013 is the most prestigious body art convention in the world. Expect it to ink not only your body but your mind.

The 9th London International Tattoo Convention is the greatest, most respected and prestigious body art convention in the world, and it’s due to be held 27-29 September 2013 at Tobacco Dock, 50 Porters Walk, London E1W 2SF.

Inked Body Art: Genko Tattoo. We’re looking forward to seeing the hyper-styalised Japan-influenced work from the Genko Tattoo Art studio at the con.

Visitors can mingle with and explore the techniques of over 300 of the most extraordinary tattoo artists in the world, including TV tattoo stars Ami James (Miami Ink & NY Ink), Chris Nunez (Miami Ink & Ink Master USA), Tim Hendricks (NY Ink), Oliver Peck (Ink Master USA), Tattoo Baby (Ink Master USA) and Juan Salgado (Ink Master USA).

Body art: The groundbreaking work of Germany-based Florian Karg of the Vicious Circle Tattoo Studio.

Another one from Florian Karg. Thoughtful application of comic design and graphic design sensibilities on skin.

Since its inception in 2005, The London Tattoo Convention has evolved from an already quite large cocoon to a giant inked butterfly whose intricate wing designs are seen and talked of the world over. You may think no butterfly could ever be so large, but this one really, really is. The London Tattoo Convention is a HUGE butterfly, and for three days the lovely 19th century vaulted glass ceiling of the Tobacco Dock will be home to more inspirational exhibitions, live acts and performances than you’ll physically be able to see.

1930s Circus Burlesque act: Janet Fischietto

Burlesque will be doing its fan dance all over the place, with Elegy Ellem, Cervena Fox, and the Nerdy Stripper who will grace us all with a total nerdgasm. Taking burlesque and body art to a new level, Janet Fischietto, the seductive Italian “1930s Circus Burlesque” performer whose stage character embodies the “tattooed lady” of the circus, will shimmer on the main stage for all 3 days of the convention, and each and every detail of her outfits, choice of tattoo subjects, music and attitude reflect the multicoloured, dreamy “30’s Circus Burlesque” style. It will be beautiful.

Alternative performances will be very strong, with much to offer in the way of burlesque and circus skills. One of the highlights will be the fire breathing, tattooed acrobatic dance troupe The Fuel Girls. We’ll be oohing and aahing as they take to the air in hoops and on silks, breathe fire balls into the sky, dance with swords of fire, woo the world with their tribal belly dancing and amaze onlookers with their acrobatic pole skills.

Music plays a vital role in tattoo culture, and just a few of the live music acts featuring on the Voodoo Crypt stage are Huey and the New Yorkers (featuring frontman Huey of the Fun Lovin’ Criminals), Vince Ray and the Boneshakers (Vince has shared billing with The Meteors and The Damned), Empress of Fur (guitar-driven voodoobilly), Gentlemen of Distorted Sound and Voodoo Machine (part Tom Waits, part Gogol Bordello and part infernal cabaret).

If you’d like to find out more about the exhibitions, the artists attending, the competitions and the sweet mayhem, visit The London Tattoo Convention website.

Come out of this one still standing, and it won’t just be your skin that’s inked. Your very mind will be tattooed.

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