How To Find Glorious Vintage Glasses

vintage glasses

How about jazzing up your prescription glasses with JOYOUS vintage frames? We asked a bunch of alternative beauty bloggers where they got theirs!

Glasses are rad because girls who can see where they’re going GET where they’re going. For design inspiration we asked some of our favourite alternative beauty bloggers:


vintage glasses - Lovely Lady Things

Blogger: Lovely Lady Things

“I purchased my glasses at the Alameda Antique fair from dealer Allyn Scura. They have a website and travel to a lot of the vintage expos, including Viva. I believe my glasses cost me $65. And then I paid to put my prescription in. I absolutely love these glasses. I wear them daily and get complimented on them often. They look good with everything I own. I will only be purchasing vintage frames from here on out.”

A handy upside to being short or longsighted is that glass frames are a fabulous extra way to express your style and identity. And vintage frames are just… so… wonderful. For all the reasons. Don’t dream it. Be it! New quest unlocked!

vintage glasses - The Devils Lettuce

Blogger: The Devil’s Lettuce

“I bought these glasses from VintageOpticalShop on for $115. I had my lenses put in around December, so I can finally wear the glasses out. I love them! They have definitely given me a new perspective on fashion choices, and I find myself purchasing vintage style dresses to complement them. Also, as a college senior, it definitely adds to a particular academic look that I like to embody every now and then. There are so many styles that I can create simply with a pair of nice frames because glasses are a wonderful accessory.”

vintage glasses - Grey Poppies

Blogger: Grey Poppies

“I actually don’t have this pair of glasses anymore… there was an unfortunate incident with a horse and they’re now in multiple pieces. They were an amazing pair of 1960s Bosch & Lomb frames purchased from an eBay seller who didn’t even specialise in glasses, which was probably good for me, because I only had to pay $14 for them. I had only really dabbled in vintage fashion previously, but the look of those glasses was what really settled me into pinup style. I was so heartbroken when they broke that I cried. I genuinely went into mourning for them. I spent the week or so after that scouring the internet for a similar pair, and was lucky enough to find a seller who had a similar 1950s pair, which I wear now. They cost $90 but I guess I can’t get lucky every time, haha. I still miss my old frames but I adore my new ones now, too.”

vintage glasses - Vintage Vandalizm

Blogger: Vintage Vandalizm

“The dress in the picture matches my vintage deco cat eye glasses perfectly. I won them on eBay! I get most of my vintage sunnies on eBay or at flea markets.”

Tips for buying vintage eyeglass frames

You can find or buy vintage glasses in all sorts of places, both on and off-line. If you take your newly procured vintage eyeglass frames to an opticians they will fit them with prescription lenses. When buying online, keep in mind that vintage frames (like vintage clothes) tend to be on the smaller side. Usually, anyone selling these frames will specify the dimensions. Measure your current glasses (well, presuming they fit correctly of course) with a ruler so you’ll know what’s the best fit for you. You can also find a helpful guide for all this measuring business right here.

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