Alexandra Metal Clown – Fashion as Life/Street Art

Alexandra Metal Clown - Fashion as Life/Street Art

With over 80 YouTube videos under her belt, Alexandra Merino (aka Alexandra Metal Clown) fashions tip-to-toe outfits, sometimes with themes as outlandish as MacDonald’s.

Alexandra Merino (aka Alexandra Metal Clown) caught my eye when I found myself caught up in hair and make-up tutorials on YouTube (Not that I use them, but they are interesting if you are ever bored). The 19-year-old has taken her wild imagination and style and paired it with her love of dressing up, somehow managing to create a lifestyle that can only be described as absolutely bonkers…in a good way. Alexandra comes up with a theme and doesn’t stop working until she has a complete outfit…and I mean complete. From intricately designed nail art to brightly coloured wigs she not only dresses to a theme but becomes a character. In one of her videos Alexandra decides to make a MacDonald’s outfit and goes so far as to turn a hamburger Christmas decoration into an earring (for just the one ear, mind).

I watched the first video thinking ‘who on Earth is this girl?!’ and by the third I was hooked. I found myself watching almost all of her 87 Youtube videos just to see what her life was like. Her creativity and self-confidence (she goes shopping dressed as a guitar) is thoroughly entertaining and a lot of the time quite inspiring. As she talks about getting negative attention, rude comments and even stuff thrown at her because she dresses differently, it really makes you wonder about the human race!

Have a peek; I guarantee that if you delve into her lifestyle through her videos she might just make your day.