Bite Me Vampire magazine

Bite Me Vampire magazine

We at Mookychick were so surprised to see a copy of vampire magazine Bite Me land on our desks for review. But it was hot pink and glossy and made our day!

Bite Me is ‘back from the dead’ after a one year break. It costs £4.95 but it’s a fat magazine, and only comes out twice a year (on Halloween and the pagan spring of Imbolc) so it’s not too expensive.

The research in Bite Me is great. There are plenty of snippets of vampire gossip, and you’ll be kept up-to-date on vampire-related events from upcoming films and exhibitions to freakish vampire-related holidays. Did you know Joss Wheedon is making a TV movie just for Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer? We didn’t, but Bite Me did!

Even though I ain’t a goth anymore, although I do remember prowling the street in my victorian nightdresses and doc martens, I still enjoyed Bite Me so much I read it entirely in one go in a cool cafe and left it on a table there so anyone else who picked it up would have a really nice surprise.

This is the kind of thing you can expect of Bite Me magazine:

Great Vampire Interviews

Alice Cooper isn’t an easy guy to interview, but Bite Me tracked him down. Pretty good hunting for a small-press magazine!

Jane Goldman is Britain’s famous TV goth queen and host of spooky shows about real-life hauntings. Mookychick loves her, and Bite Me gets her to spill the beans on her eccentric house and thoughts on the supernatural.

The best thing about vampires is the people who are into them, and Bite Me has loads of interviews with real-life vampires, demonically-possessed actresses and goth models who pose for the cameras by day and sleep in second-hand coffins by night.

Bite Me also speaks to the vampires and vampire wannabes who had to exile themselves from New Orleans (the real star of the Anne Rice novels) when it flooded. Imagine all of New Orleans’ overground graves pulling loose from the cemeteries and floating down the street. Gripping stuff.

Vampire facts

Although this magazine has a sense of fun and style, it takes its vampiredom seriously. So you’ll find out lots about vampires that you didn’t already know. German scientists, for example, have discovered that vampires needed to supplement their diet with oranges to prevent scurvy – blood would have given them the calories to survive but if their teeth dropped out from scurvy they would starve, hence oranges! Haha! We shouldn’t laugh, but… vampires eat oranges!

Bite Me also points out that some rabies sufferers get cramps brought on by the smell of garlic and bright light, so while the magazine celebrates everything vampire, it’s not afraid to cover new ground in the vampire world and look at how a superstition can start in the first place…

Vampire dating, Vampire fiction and more…

With ‘revamped’ sections like bizarre news, glamour pages, a vampire-friendly dating section, spooky book reviews and a new fantastic gothic story by well-known vampire writers with each issue, Bite Me really impressed us with not only its enthusiasm of all things vampire but also with its glamorous approach, fascinating research and up-to-the-minute news.

People interested in vampires will adore getting their elegant, crimson-nailed hands on a copy of Bite Me, as it celebrates everything vampire with a fresh new voice and masses of style.