Discover the unusual Valentine’s Day cards of Lozzy Bones

Discover the unusual Valentine's Day cards of Lozzy Bones

Two Hearts

unusual valentine's day cards - Lozzy Bones

This sumptuously unusual Valentine’s Day card depicts two hearts, because there’s no reason why symbols of affection can’t be anatomically correct.

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Head Over Heels

unusual valentine's day cards - Lozzy Bones

Skeletons afoot! This lush illustration of an anatomically correct skull and feet bones bears the caption “Head over heels for you.”

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Weak at the Knees

unusual valentine's day cards 1

This A5 anatomical Valentine’s Day card by Lozzy Bones was inspired by Barts Pathology Museum specimens. It depicts anatomically correct legs and pelvis, along with the caption “You make me weak at the knees.”

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