Eat Your Heart Out October 2012

Eat Your Heart Out October 2012

Pathology Cake is an extreme baking venture for good girls and bad ones which revels in the sugary and anatomically correct. It shocked people in 2010 with its vagina dentata sponges. Mooks are made of sterner stuff…

Eat Your Heart Out: The Pathology Experiment

The World’s Most Extreme Cake Shop Back For 26-28 October 2012

The world’s first extreme cake shop, Eat Your Heart Out, repulsed everyone back in 2010 with its human centipede cookies, squeezable pus cupcakes and vagina dentata sponges. We’ve not included photos of the fungus toe nail cookies for fear of creating culinary phobias the world over. Now the over-18 emporium of sweet iniquity is back for Halloween and is set to be bigger, better, glossier and gorier than before – albeit with an educational twist.

This year the event will be held in St Bart’s Pathology Museum in West Smithfield, London, as part of a mission to educate people about Pathology whilst presenting some very unique anatomically correct treats. A series of pathology-based lectures will also take place in the space, examining relevant conditions such as icing sugar spleen, nutmeg liver and maple syrup urine disease.

A vagina dentata sponge…

Bakers! Artists! ‘Eat Your Heart Out’ is currently on the lookout for the most creative bakers, cake artists & food artists to fire up their mixers and invoke some anatomically correct treats. If you have a steady hand and a strong stomach for making delicious yet gory cakes or horrifically anatomical sugary sculptures and treats then please get in touch with Miss Cakehead – [email protected].

Miss Cakehead comments:

“Ever since the Cake Britain event I have been all too aware of the role cake can play in engaging the public with subjects they may otherwise not be interested in. Previously it was art, this time it is Pathology. People will find all the treats they have come to love from ‘Eat Your Heart Out’ on sale, plus some informative extras about the biological function of what they are eating.”

Anatomically correct heart macarons…

Eat Your Heart Out 2012 is being curated by Miss Cakehead in conjunction with Carla Valentine, Museum Technician and Assistant Curator. Her previous life as an Autopsy Technologist in UK Mortuaries, and her current status as head of ‘Shoreditch Clandestine Cake Club’ and all around cake maverick, has ensured that for her this project is a match made in heaven.

Check her out on @Miss_Cakehead. You’ll discover that she is a cakey creature of great wisdom, and rightly feels that someone should make a cake bearing the face of Bill Murray.

Carla comments:

“I’ve always loved baking and I never considered it a particularly ‘twee’ hobby – in fact I pride myself on making cakes which bite back. Cake is an engaging medium, all the more so when it portrays something unexpected, and the added bonus of well documented sweet-themed pathologies has given us the perfect topic to work with. The cake shop contents will be split into the five sections of the Medical School Curriculum, with corresponding lectures and events, in order to inform the public and students of modern and historical Pathology.”

We’re not sure what he’s holding. We know only that it’s a cake…