Internet and web trends

Internet and web trends

If you want to find out your real age, make a list of goals for the future or confess a secret, here are 10 sites ranging from the obvious to the strange that you should visit before you die. In fact, just visit them today – who knows what the 10 best websites of tomorrow will be?

1. As if you don’t know by now myspace is an online community where you can make your own page and tell the world about yourself. It may be a good way to catch up with people but the best thing about myspace is the number of bands that are on there. It’s the best website for discovering new talent and also for having a sneaky listen to those bands you’ve heard lots about but never heard a song by.

2. Like myspace, this is another online community which is great for communicating with people. The strength of facebook, that myspace is lacking is the tagging system for the photographs. People can write who are on their pictures and everyone can see on your profile all the pictures your friends have of you. It’s a great way to find old pictures that you didn’t know people had.

3. It’s easy in life to get of track and for time to past without you achieving the things you had wanted to. This website is a forum where you make a list of all the things you want, everything from careers to sleeping under the stars. You list everything as either ‘not started, in progress or completed.’ You can look at people with the same goals and see how they’re achieving them. It’s a great website for giving you the encouragement to achieve your goals.

4. What was set us as a website to allow people to upload their videos and let other view them has become one of the most valuable resources on the net. The genius of this website comes in the form of hilarious satirical videos coming from people who have far too much time on their hands, music videos which you can watch for free and the bets thing about this website is the sneaky people who have uploaded episodes of old sitcoms you’d forgotten about and new episodes before they air on tv.

5. This website is the greatest around for sheer comedy value. The dark humoured animations on the website come from David Firth who is possibly unhinged but bloody funny. Be warned though once you’ve started on this website it can be very addictive. Watch Burnt Face Man – he has got to be the greatest superhero that ever lived.

6. This is the internet equivalent of the All American Rejects’ Dirty Little Secret Video. The idea is people send in their secrets anonymously on postcards, which are then put up on the website for all to see. The website is genius because it allows us to be nosy and have a bit of insight into other people’s worlds. It’s also quite comforting to come across people whose secrets reflect our own.

7. The F Word is the greatest feminist website that the UK has. Every girl in the world should be a feminist. Now I’m not suggesting you start burning bras and attending marches but have a glance through the website and make yourself a little bit more aware f the issues surrounding feminism. There are things on here that everyone should be aware of.

8. The phenomenon that is the blog has taken over the internet and this ois the best site to start if you fancy taking it up. It’s easy to set up a blog and you can get writing straight away. Everyone should have a blog because it’s a great way to vent all your frustrations (it’ll save you thousands on therapy) and when you read it back its easier to see you problems clearer when you look at your feelings after they’ve happened.

9. This quizzes you on your lifestyle, illnesses you’ve had et cetera and tells you how much your ‘real age’ differs from your calendar age. The website gives you a full report telling you what is aging you and suggests steps you can take to improve your health and look younger. It’s great for noticing the health factors you’re currently ignoring and finding out which food and vitamins can help. You re-take it every 6 months to see how much you’ve improved.

10. : as if I need to explain this one! 🙂