J-Culture Convention – JCC

J-Culture Convention - JCC

The UK J-Culture Convention – JCC – is going ahead in Derby, Sep 25-6, 2010. Support cosplay, j-music and j-culture – be there!

J-Culture Con is the 3rd annual convention for japanese culture lovers. Held in Derby, it’s a mass gathering of j-rock fans, cosplay fans, kawaii creatures and japanophiles of all kinds. Whether you’re an anime and manga lover, full otaku or simply curious enough to step into the imported world of Japan (which is a very strange place indeed) then you’re probably ready for a J-Con.

If you’re based in England and desirous of some j-culture action, how could you not be there? Especially since there are no age restrictions, hurrah!

So, what can you expect at J-Culture Con this year? Well, it’s quite a big event – last year over a thousand people attending and this year is set to be bigger. J-Culture Con is a weekend event split into two days, so you can attend both days or just one, as you prefer. September 26 is dedicated to j-music, with a cosplay ball and gigs by Gothika, El Ethnic Legist and Rica Minami. Other special guests will no doubt be announced at the J-Culture Con website nearer the time.

September 25th will bring you a classic J-Con put together by people who love what they do. Expect anime and manga events. There will, of course, be ridiculously wonderful competitions (the cosplay contest, the AMV contest, the Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament and, rather overwhelmingly, the Pocky-eating contest. First prize being twenty boxes of Pocky.) Add to that modern j-music and japanese art, and some traditional japanese workshops, and – of course – a wealth of stalls selling everything from odd food to j-fashion – and you have yourself a serious event. Oh, and let’s not forget the otaku bring-and-buy stalls, the japanese tea ceremony workshops, the manga character art workshops, the dojinshi tables and the countless anime viewings…

We at Mookychick are particularly looking forward to the cosplay contest and the FRUiTS fashion catwalk, because we are terribly shallow and like blue make-up and pretty dresses. Sorry.

And, of course, one of the nicest things about any convention is the people you meet there… sometimes you have a fun chat for 15 minutes, and sometimes they become a friend for life…

How to get tickets for Derby J-CultureCon 2010

Go to the J-Culture Con website. There, you can get tickets and also find out more about the event.

Derby, Sep 25-6, 2010 – be there. And post links to your pics on the Mookychick messageboard…!

The cosplay ball at Derby J-Con will feature j-rock bands like Gothika…

… and El Ethnic Legist

And let’s not forget the FRUiTS fashion catwalk!