No Fit State Tabu – Circus Nouveau – Mookychick

No Fit State Tabu - Circus Nouveau - Mookychick

Where in the world can find middle-aged theatre snobs fraternising (getting drunk) with a bunch of artsy lefty young things whilst being harassed by a wild-haired woman creating phallic symbols out of children’s toys? In an inflatable spaceship in Newport, that’s where. Welcome to the circus nouveau of ‘Tabu’…

From the moment you enter barbed wire gates to make your way to the entrance of No Fit State‘s new show ‘Tabu’, you are suddenly fully aware that this is all very sexy, and most certainly not Cirque du Soleil.

Once you enter the spaceship big top you are not directed to a seat. In fact, there are no seats in this uncompromisingly promenade performance. Instead, you’re invited to have a drink at the bar. If you’re of a prudish disposition you will probably need one.

The show doesn’t have a formal beginning. The closer it comes to the start of the performance, the more you’ll notice curiously-dressed prop-wielding characters mingle with the audience, seeking out those averting their eyes and approaching them mercilessly. In fact one such audience member was my mother, who was outrageously propositioned by a man who looked like he’d stepped right out of a Disney-themed alternative night. This is all part of the company’s ethos: To make the performance more than a performance; to explore audience inhibitions, taboos and fantasies in a way which is wholly exposing.

The concept behind this Tabu is to explore social desires and passions, and why people are generally inclined to stray towards the dark side. No Fit State has never been too bothered about a structured plot and Tabu is no exception. What you will get is a series of exotic, erotic, enticing and unashamedly dark and beautiful acts that will compel you to witness every urge and desire you’ve never fulfilled.

Tabu handles its themes with wit. See how Vanina FandiƱo rolls a cigarette whilst crouching on a tight rope… in heels!

Through a combination of live music, video, cutting-edge circus and the plethora of beautiful people who make up its international cast, No Fit State something that’s half the most amazing rock gig you’ve ever been to and half brilliant spectacle.

Directed by Firenza Guidi, Tabu was, perhaps, a little rough around the edges at its premiere in April. However, by the time it returns to the UK in September 2008 – when they’ve had time to preen and prune it to perfection throughout its European tour – I’ve no doubt that it will be utterly entrancing. If you have the opportunity to see it, do.

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