Terry Pratchett: HisWorld Exhibition Coming to Salisbury September 2017

Terry Pratchett HisWorld Exhibition

An exclusive exhibition of the world of Terry Pratchett is to be unveiled in September 2017. All hail the creator of Discworld.

Exhibition: Terry Pratchett: HisWorld

Location: Salisbury Museum, Salisbury, UK

Exhibition dates: Saturday, September 16, 2017 to Saturday, January 13, 2018

Any event or exhibition relating to the marvellous creator the Discworld series is occasion for celebrating. Terry Pratchett: HisWorld will be on display in Pratchett’s home town of Salisbury, rather than an Ankh-Morporkian conurbation like London.

Presented by the Estate of Sir Terry Pratchett and Paul Kidby this is an exclusive and unique exhibition dedicated to Pratchett’s life, his creative genius, and his journey to becoming the author that he became. His personal artwork will be on display, as well as a number of his most treasured personal items – ones which have never been on display before. In addition, visitors will be able to view more than forty original illustrations by Terry Pratchett’s art-wizard of choice, Paul Kidby.

Archaelogist and exhibition curator Richard Henry told The Bookseller:

“Exhibitions are normally organised by pitching an idea but, fittingly for Terry, this kicked off with a sword. Terry got a sword made because when he became a knight [in 2009] he decided all good knights needed one. We started working with the two men who helped him to make his sword: Jake Keen, an experimental iron-melter and master blacksmith Hector Cole. There were a number of archaeological discoveries – we managed to trace the meteorite in Terry’s sword – and then we spoke to his family, and a few weeks later it had grown into an exhibition about Sir Terry Pratchett. This is not normally how it works, there are usually more meetings and pitching, but it’s exciting that it’s grown so organically and very fitting.”

People are flocking from all over the world to attend. If you would like to see Sir Terry’s sword, as well as all the other wonderful exhibits on display, it may be wise to book your ticket soon.

Book tickets in advance here.

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